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Collage of Poems About Our Home

Updated on January 26, 2018
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Writing Poetry has filled a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.

What is a Home?

1) "What is a Home?"
Home is where you sleep, love, and live. It is where you are comfortable but yet challenged to be yourself and to live your dreams. Home is a protective place but can be unforgiving if neglected. Home itself has to be cared for, and requires someone to be responsible. Home is a place of tolerance and patience and yet requires energy and contribution. Home maintenance swings a hammer, wields a checkbook, and wraps a loving arm around its inhabitants. Home is a very valuable place in life. It forgives and it offers support when someone is hurt or broken. Home is love that covers you in a storm and warms at night. Home is something most of us have but do we show our appreciation? If we do, home will endure and be there for not only ourselves, but our children as well! -MOJ. 2017

Our Children at Home

2) Our Children at Home
From the day we married, their mother and I, our home was established as a place to live, a place both to laugh and to cry. This place was where we made love, and conceived both dear daughters, five years apart, daughter one and daughter two; Naomi, and Rebecca. This was their place of protection and their place to grow, as they were children of light and children of creation, made by a man, a woman and by God. They were fed and clothed and nurtured day by day; nourished and taught how to laugh and sing and play . When they were dressed and sent off to school, their mother was devoted to their needs, while I went to work to bring home finances and to provide a way to live. Evenings were happy and prayers were prayed before sending them to bed at night. At bedtime prayers were sent up for an angel to stand by every door and window, to watch over and protect and keep them from harm. Home was the place they lived and learned and turned into beautiful young women, both of them an inspiration, while their humor lighthearted and with their fancy ways. We wished well for them and for their future to find suitors that would lead their own way in life and fill their own homes with music and song. As they grew, we took them to places we felt were of importance, from one end of the country to the other and if nothing else so they could see that the world is large and diverse and scattered. Most of all to show them the importance of having a home, a safe place for what is ours, with doors to keep us safe, a good roof to beat back the rain and walls to keep us from the dangers outside. From this launching point, to launch out and find and discover; and to develop a family and have a home!

MOJ -2017

Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn | Source

Broken Pieces of Home

3) Broken Pieces of Home
When all efforts fail, and family is torn apart, and children are gone and finding their own way, we hoped they had been given enough to survive and to be happy and be able to manage the opportunities that life would bring them. Finding love on their own and a challenge to succeed, and to be vibrant with hope and dream fulfilled.. We wish we could always protect and always see goodness prevail, but out of our hands yet those angels above having to use their wings and help. Sunny days turn to sorrow at the loss of one of our precious, the youngest daughter and yet she was brave and she was fierce and kind and determined to make a difference. Love was in her heart the day she left. Enduring Love, the rainbow and the sunshine met together to find her another pot of gold over the top of the clouds in the sky.. to her we say our sad goodbyes. We will always keep her presence and her dream alive. As she lived, so we live for her and someday be with her again. -MOJ 2017


Our Legacy and our Future

4) Our Legacy and the Future of our Home
Though leaving us when she was grown, our oldest daughter made her choices and married her suitor. Now has my grandson, and my son-in-law to care for and to love. They followed the stars and live in the North Pole where its quite cold. This one was smart and dedicated to an inner light that few could see, but oil filled traits from her mother and father and from her upbringing lights the lamp of her heart in many ways. She is a great mother to my grandchild. His name, Adam, is significant of the first human. He thinks he can do anything if he sets his mind to it. He studies and is intelligent and will wonderfully succeed. His mother and father, Shane and Naomi, will be his strength and launch him upon his journey as he grows and finally goes out on his own. My daughter is wonderful as well and is driven to make her world a better place. She was always a brightness in her mother's and fathers eyes. We knew she was gifted and had special design to become who she is. so precious to us. Though her mother and I are no longer together, it doesn't matter. We are proud of her, she will always be a star!

MOJ 2017




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