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Collection of Poems- Food for thought

Updated on November 11, 2015

Why Me and not WE??

Why fight to be lonely and called just ME

When You and Me can become WE

Why ponder on proving others wrong

When we all are error prong

Why try to search our own different ways

When together we can have happier days

Why make Mountain out of Moles

When together we can plug all the holes

Why search for reasons to divide

When the need of the hour is to survive

Why kill in the name of God

When “Live in Peace” is the message of Lord

Why always try to be powerful and dominate

When by doing that you don't achieve anything great

Why do we need a Berlin Wall

When there is no difference between us at all

Why should one abhor the other

When we all are the children of the same Mother ( Earth)

Dear friends: Why not enjoy the strength of Unity

And live with happiness peace and dignity.


Life, a mix of good and bad

Makes us both happy and sad

Collect all these memories

And you can turn them into perfectly beautiful stories

When we fail, lets halt

And accept it with a pinch of salt

For our problems, others should not be blamed

That is not how we play the game

Lets create our own brand

So that we can leave our footprints on the times of sand

Lets keep our heart pure and clear

So that people love us and not fear

Our motto should be live and let live

Lets not try to take but also try to give

Lets not be desperate to win all the race

There is also honor in loosing with grace

Lets accept our mistakes and try again

Our efforts will never go in vain

This one life is what we have got

With our wrong doings let's not let it rot

In the end all I would like to say

Lets enjoy our life and be happy and gay

Our Future

Look into the future and what do we see?

It is certainly not how beautiful our past used to be

We can hardly breathe due to polluted air

Trees and plants are few and rare

Concrete buildings taking up all the space

Rain and sunlight we need to face

Green was the color of prosperity

Now it is a phenomenon of rarity

We can hardly see the clear sky

Because the buildings are so high

Children do not play on the ground outside

Now there is no space for even a bike ride

Weekends were the time to meet relatives and friends

Now they have become old trends

Sitting and talking are forgotten ways

Every one is running the dirty rat race

You need to be first to be heard

No one cares if you are a second or a third

If this is the future then I want to be in past

Cause there the scope for living seems to be vast

Lets try to make our future the shadow of our past

In the glory of which our children can bask

Lets work towards passing on our glorious heritage

And not leave something which our children call pure wastage

We are on the verge of Now or never

If not changed now, we will sure regret forever


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    • Siva222 profile image

      Chandrashekhar Siva 2 years ago from Chennai

      Hi John,

      I have writen and posted a few more hubs. Would like your comments on them too

    • Siva222 profile image

      Chandrashekhar Siva 2 years ago from Chennai

      Hi John,

      First of all. Sorry for spelling your name wrong. Was a typo. I have posted some more contents and poems. Would love to hear your comments on them too.

    • Siva222 profile image

      Chandrashekhar Siva 2 years ago from Chennai

      Thanks Jordah for your valuable feedback.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi Siva, these are wonderful poems that convey important messages and stand on their own without needing to rely on photos, videos and the like. Well done. Voted up and shared.