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Colors Rediscovered

Updated on March 27, 2013

Colors Rediscovered

I can see the clear sky, beyond the clouds now

I can look into the sun with sparkles to endow

I can feel the breeze more temperate and mild

I can walk my way through shadows of the wild

I am yet circumspect to an extent of the oblivion

I’d still not let that belittle the growing radiance

The radiance I see in colors that defy magnitude

I can find my hue in shades of bright multitude

I can visualize the painted colors of life splashing

I unblind myself from the monochromes crashing

I have hitherto found the rainbow in my sky again

I have felt the calming tingles of familiar tint again

I have thus realized spectral joy in darkness again

I wish myself and the whole world happiness again


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