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Colors of Joy

Updated on June 14, 2015

Blue color of joy

A beautiful scenery was in my mind. I was lost in the thoughts of a picture that was haunting me from last night. An unimaginable world. A world with lots and lots of colors.

I immediately finished my breakfast. Took a huge brush in my right hand and start mixing colors in color palette.

First stroke on canvas goes to "blue color". A house under blue sky. A mother happy to see her son coming from distant land. And a son who was happy to meet his mother after so long.

Mother son reunion

Green color of joy

Then I took another canvas and painted green color on it.I again took a small brush and painted a farmer harvesting grown crops. There was innate sense of happiness in farmers eyes since his hard work and patience worked. He was harvesting reward of his success.

Harvested crops :Cause of farmer's happiness

Red color of joy

Quickly gone to another canvas.Painted it with "red" background. Over that I painted a boy and girl with black paint color.They both were happy to be in love, to be with each other, to be married.

Love with no boundaries :)

Yellow color of joy

Started with another canvas having a torch with yellow colored flame.Various runners were running in an olympic race. The winner was very happy to win the race. There was pride and satisfaction on his face.

Happiness of winning

Orange color of joy

On the next canvas I painted orange. Various oranges are in hands of poor people, donated by a middle class individual. He was smiling and was happy to serve society.

Happiness in helping others

Violet color of joy

Another canvas with full of violet colored butterflies.Newy transfigured butterflies from caterpillars. It depicts its happiness of new wings, to fly in open air and to be beautiful after so much of struggle and patience.

A beauty lies within. Happiness is to realize this.

Indigo color of joy

The last canvas with indigo color.A shop full of Lavenders, an indigo colored flower. A customer is buying flowers from the lady. I painted a scene where the customer bought bunch of lavender flowers from the shopkeeper. Shopkeeper was very happy to receive first amount of the day.

Getting paid after hardwork leads to happiness

Malicious colors of joy

Then something stroked me. I thought that not only good but there can be malicious colors of
happiness.I quickly took a canvas and painted it with brown background. Took black brush and
created various scenes.
An employer feeling happy after getting his work done by child labor
An employee getting happy after misappropriating funds given to him for public welfare
A thief getting happy after burglary.

But these colors are not lifelong. They get washed up in rain of truth and judiciary.

Happiness in others misery

Malicious happiness don't last longer

Do you laugh when someone is fall or his hurt?

See results

Do you feel happy on other's person success?

See results

Rainbow color ingredients for happiness

After that I was feeling sad.Then suddenly I took another canvas. Painted its background with
rainbow colors and painted on it an old lady weaving clothes and living in poverty.

She was happy and contented to be in whatever state she is. She is happy to help others and weave clothes for poor ones even when she had little to survive. She was happy now , in present.All colors were combined in white color that was shining on her face.
All colors of joy and happiness. Colors of satisfaction and will power.

Rainbow in our strength and will power

How to achieve a rainbow??

Every person has inherent colors of joy. What needs is little hard work to analyse it and make it part of one's character.

Various steps that can make one realize them are:-

1) Be strong and optimistic

2)Be generous and compassionate.

3)Take responsibility

4)Learn how to forgive others

5)Do the things that make you happy

No pain No gain


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