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"Come After Me, I'm a Man!"

Updated on June 4, 2017

(*I fully realize that many(most) people don’t like to hear about spiritual or supernatural forces at work in our world. And for anyone who likes to pretend that they don’t exist, then this poem may not be something of interest to you. But regardless of what light it may cast upon me, I don’t care, I’m just telling you what happened, not opinions. Nothing more, nothing less)


When I wrote this poem I was numb, stunned, and beside myself with rage. For the 3rd time in 5 months a member of my family had been assaulted and devastated with another major medical emergency.........and I knew who did it.............and it was ALL MY FAULT!!!

To give a background, I was a victim of a major car accident in 2000, from which I am still struggling to recover. Despite the fact that I needed to relearn to walk, talk, think, even brush my teeth- initially, it appeared to be an amazingly quick recovery. That is until the chemical imbalances kicked in: I acquired (fleeting) homicidal thoughts, became alarmingly suicidal, and finally MET Satan in a psych hospital! He threatened me, taunted me, and literally shoved me down by the shoulder. (whether anyone else would agree that it truly WAS Satan is inconsequential. He WAS to me, right then and there, and whatever that thing was truly did assault me.) I have since "leveled off" (grown numb?) both psychologically and emotionally thanks to doctors and medicine, but that Devil encounter has not left me. It likely never will. I have maintained a VERY heightened awareness of the Spiritual realm- of both my Savior Jesus Christ and of the Devil. How could I not? Whether it be through lingering scars, indefinite warfare, or ongoing Grace and inspiration, I am touched by both on a daily basis!

It has been a paralyzingly slow decade plus, "Subdued" by some undefinable force/curse/evil. My more than sufficient talents and abilities have been held hostage in a barren wasteland of success. Often, in pure frustration I would lash out at Life, Fate, God, -Anything.- about my nauseating quandary. As a Comic Tragedy, picture a guy throwing hay-makers in the air, over and over again, clearly never landing any of the punches. Of course not, because that guy was me and I didn't know what I was fighting against. Eventually I became convicted that it certainly wasn’t The Good Lord who was pinning me down, but that for some reason, Satan was given a very long leash in regards to ME and my Life. I'm of the belief that God wants the best for me in this lifetime and the next, so rather than succumb to the Devi's Fate for my life and accept the role of victim, I committed my life to being a “Devil Fighter”. My purpose in Life, my role, just might be to heap piles of shame upon Satan's head. It may be hard for a "normal" mind to grasp, but we truly have waged war since then and I suppose that, in a way, I've signed up for every trial that I face. One of the more difficult side effects of this is war is that I haven’t slept much in the past decade. For weeks, even months at a time I’ve been unable to sleep soundly, if at all- still haunted by that demonic encounter. It's MY cross to bear. But I'm a Warrior. I'm invincible. I'm Entheos! So I’m fine with that....... if it ONLY affects me!!

Eventually, the Devil must have gotten frustrated at failure after failure to either take my life or change my allegiances, and realized that I was just too damn strong- empowered by God Himself. So like any coward would do, he spilled our personal war over into my family. First my little sister, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She is 28 years old, married, with a 2 year old and was openly hoping to have more children. Now, she’s a strong woman (maybe as strong as me) and this won’t hold her down, she’s too much of a fighter. She has since given birth to her 2nd son and does everything the doctors advise her in order to live a happy, healthy life. But before the shock of her news had subsided, my Dad developed a really painful kidney stone. He just couldn’t pass it, and when he was checked out, the doctors told him he had Kidney Cancer. This was stunning, and a bit ridiculous, that both would happen so close together. Thank God, after prompt surgery, all of the Cancer (seems to) be removed and resolved quite completely. As if that wasn’t more than enough, while Dad was still at home recovering from surgery, my Mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease! That did it! Now I was really f**king angry!!! It's always stunning to see your inspirational figures struggle, and my Mom is certainly that- stronger than me, or anyone else I know. She was my rock, all throughout my recovery!! (and will be for years to come!!)

So I guess this is where we're at: I keep screwing up by picking fights that I seemingly can't Win.......but which truly add up to a War I've already WON!!! Additionally, I inadvertently drew my own loved ones into MY personal battle with Evil incarnate. I assumed that by drawing so much attention and energy to myself that my loved ones would be the safest people in the world. One of the only ways I was able to justify my own Hell on Earth was that perhaps I was serving as a scapegoat of sorts, drawing all the flaming arrows to myself. And I'm fine with that, I've accepted that role. But it's backfired. I have been the pincushion for MANY arrows, but I guess not all of them. Because, my issues started over a decade ago, the blood has all but stopped, leaving only a painful scar- but sh*t happens. And maybe these first 2 illnesses to my loved ones could have been chalked up to weak genetics or plain bad luck for our family- until the attack on my Mother…….that was like an attack on my Monument of my Strength. Fortunately, the Devil didn’t bank on my entire family each being Pillars of Strength, Bastions of Faith, just-like-me!!

I began writing down expressions of my anger and frustrations about this assault on my family, with the idea of turning them into a poem once I escaped my angry mindset and entered my (slightly?) more reasonable creative zone. But every time I became too engrossed in the production of this poem, I would again be attacked by insomnia. I’m kind of nervous about publishing this, not knowing if the Devil will again be allowed to increase the attacks on me or my family, or if it simply becomes a "chalk one up for the good guys" VICTORY.... but then on to the next one! Either way, I’m a warrior- my whole family is- and I’m not going to let the Devil's weapon of fear keep me from publishing what hopefully will be seen as a stinking, steaming pile of shhhame right up on his head! (Remember, I am Entheos, "God Within"- so I boast not of myself)

And dammit! Apparently I haven't been boisterous or vociferous enough in my efforts to draw the attention and the rage of Satan.

Maybe this poem will get his attention!!!!




“Come After Me! I’m a Man!!”


After all that blood, choking on that mud

Luci- I ain’t die, like you planned I would

Despite your shove and your evil hooves

Now I’m “God Within”, and We make the rules

I’m a Mother-F*ckin’ Warrior, indwelled with Power

Leave my Fam-i-ly alone, you G** D*mned Coward!

I have been to Hell and Back- I am still standing here.

I will stand up anywhere-, you will feel me everywhere.

Now after all those years, and all those tears-

-My! How the tables turn!.....

....Am I now your fears?!

Satan you a Silly Sally

All your threats are Willie Nillie

Why do you still Dilly Dally?

Don’t be a b*tch- come after ME!

I’m sh*ttin’ on your reign of terror

Every single breath I’m given

I’ll accept this cross I bear-

- Or Blessings flowing- Heaven driven

This is my Time,

This is my cross,

But this is MY Christ!

So this is YOUR Loss!!

Ain’t it true that you fear, the one that you’re near?

I wear scars from Hell, from when you appeared

Your face was shown, Your threat was thrown, the Truth exposed,

The ways you’re weak- now your fear grows

“Come after me, I’m a Man!”

I AM the source of all your fears

You know- I know

So suck my threat!

You’re a coward Lucifer, let them be

They’re off limits- and-


I’m just a man, just a man God indwells

Heaven carries me, but I still carry Hell

Don’t come at me half- *ss, I know what you fear the most

Why are you so aghast?- looks like you’ve seen a ghost

I’m not only f*ckin’ crazy!

I’m just as Evil as you

I’ve been trying to die

But Christ always saves me

That’s how I know, that my work isn’t through

You should prioritize- fear what I’m gonna do!

I’m both Sinner and Saved- Which way will I bow?

I’d slowly kill you with kindness-

Sick as Jehovah allows.

As Entheos- I can,

Back the sh*t that I’ve said

I’m gonna f*ck up your image,

Just like Christ crushed your head

“Come after me, I’m a Man!”

I AM the source of all your fears

You know- I know

So suck my threat!

You’re a coward Lucifer, let them be

They’re off limits- and-


Why do you still wait? Consolidate

Give me all their pain, and all your hate

Ignite the inferno. Raise the heat

Keep fanning up those flames

Make that mother f*cker hotter

White Flames, Blue flames

Faith will see me through flames

The thin Skinned all incinerate

Do you think that I fear the same?!!

That asinine attack

On my life wasn’t wise

I’m not afraid of you now


WHAT!!!- tough guy!

Do I smell doubt?!”

I’m the anomaly in your evil plan

Feel free,

Try Again!

“Come after me,

I’m a Man”!!!

“Come after me, I’m a Man!”

I AM the source of all your fears

You know- I know

Now SUCK my threat!

Don’t be a b*tch Beelzebub, let them be

They’re mine!

They’re off limits!

- and-


Now It’s your turn to scream/ I’ll haunt your dreams/ It’s your turn to pay/ I just gotta say/:::

I will never back down-/F*ck you! this is on!!/ And just so you know- ……



*It may seem ironic to some (not at all to me) that I am also the author of a memoir/parable type of book entitled "The Blessed One". Who knows, I'm hoping that it's a big steaming pile of shhhhh-ame up on the Devil's head! Also, see my song "The Winner" for proof that regardless of what happens, I will always continue to be an upbeat, Blessed guy



(Mike Gundy is Oklahoma State’s head football coach. “Come after me, I’m a man! I’m 40!” was part of his famous rant against the local media who had cast a negative light on one of his players. This rant was the inspiration for the title of this poem)


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