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3 Comic Books That Matter Today

Updated on April 2, 2010

What Are The Most Important Comic Books?

The trend setters that helped shape the current comic books we read today are the popular reads from writers and artists who dared to alter the course of a long running storyline or killed off a major character or just re-invented the comic that they worked on just for the fun and love of the comic book craft.

By far the most influential writers and artists work that has stuck in the history of comic books are the ones who have either created long running characters that are still going today like Batman, Spiderman, the X-men, sometimes though it may not be the long drawn out superhero comics it could e an independent publisher that scores a hit.

Writers like Frank Miller who created Sin City also had success with other properties from the major publishers at Marvel and DC with Daredevil and then Batman for which he is well known for the classic graphic novel the dark knight returns. Comics have also become a separate pop culture icon with references in film and television to which they have garnered more publicity with the recent slew of comic book films being released.

Comic books these days are far superior in quality too in the writing, the art and the whole production of the books.

For me the comic books that matter are the ones that just are exciting in the story and visually with the art and this brings with it a memorable quality which makes reading comic books enjoyable.

Sin City Graphic Novels On Amazon

Sin City: Written and Drawn by Frank Miller

 Sin City was one of the best comic books that I remember from the early 90's onwards, not just for the style of writing that Frank writes with the dialogue, but the art was simplistic and yet powerful to tell the stories in a grim and gritty black and white fashion.

In the city it is a really dangerous city with assassins and bent cops and other shady types that dwell in the streets. In effect it is a masterpiece of storytelling through the art and the words from one of comicdoms finest writers and artists.

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 The Spawn comic was another that came out of the Image studio which was a group of artists and writers who grew fed up with the treatment of new creators and the rights that creators should retain when creating new comic book characters. Breaking away from Marvel studios brought with it a series of comic books in the first Image line up which included The Savage Dragon, Wetworks, Shadowhawk, Wildcats Youngblood and The Maxx.

Spawn is a comic book that has been running for quite awhile now and it is still one of those comic books that delivers high qualty artwork and storytelling that is quite dark in the subject matter as it deals with hell and the afterlife.

Savage Dragon Collected Books At

The Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen

 The Savage Dragon is one of my favourites for the art and the way that Erik writes and weave his stories around his massive range of heroes and villains and supporting characters is just mind blowing.

I have missed a few isues quite recently though and am hunting the missing issues so that I can complete the collection that I have maintained since 1992 when the first Savage Dragon mini series came out.

The Savage Dragon began when he arrived in a burning field with no recollection of where he came from or who he was, he became a police officer for a while and then a superhero and is now a police officer again.

Which Comic Book Matters To You?

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    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      There are many comic books still to this day that I have fond memories of, like Spiderman, fantastic four, the punisher and I remember that they were far cheaper back then as I used to get a bag full each week.

      Those are some great comic books there Mike! The Silver Surfer and Conan I was a fan of, because of the heavy reliance on drawing the muscle form with minimal clothing design, and it was something that I could study better as the Silver Surfer in his surfing state had no clothes that got in the way of learning to draw dynamic figures and plus the concept of a silver surfing bald guy travelling the cosmos just seemed like a great idea.

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      8 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      The comics that mattered to me? I will go back a generation or two to answer this question, and avoid the obvious New X-Men, or whatever.

      In the '60s, the important comics to me were Doom Patrol and Deadman from DC (honorable mention goes to Metamorpho and Metal Men). Bruno Premiani's art on Doom Patrol was so unusual for a comic, but still beautiful. And, of course, Deadman was Neal Adams' coming-out party. From Marvel it was Jim Steranko's SHIELD and Lee and Buscema's Silver Surfer. Steranko's art has never been matched or even imitated, and the Silver Surfer's habit of spouting weird pseudo-intellectual philosophy on the state of man shifted comics from 5 pages of plot and 15 of fight scenes.

      In the '70s the important comics were Conan, where Barry Smith evolved and the Sword and Sorcery thing began, and Jim Starlin's Captain Marvel and Warlock, which introduced Thanos and the "cosmic" craze. And there was also Howard the Duck, which parodied them all. DC's Green Lantern/Green Arrow started the relevance era, and the art was pretty amazing besides.

      These were the important comics to me from my early years, most of them were oddball titles but they all added something unique to the history of comics.



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