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Commentator on 66

Updated on November 9, 2015


it's a sport that raises so much passion,some good,some bad.its an age old rivalry between country Scotland and our neighbour England hold the distinction of having the oldest football fixture in the world.Scotland and England were playing football before most other countries in the world.

Commentator on 66
The commentator couldn't wait,to get his fix
First chance he got,mentioning 1966
England won the World Cup,magnificent result
The commentators say this,are they part of a cult
England would have support,from Scotland on the whole
These bloody commentators in their wee fish bowl
Every news story,or programme on TV
Mention *66, really annoys me
I've nothing against England,contrary to popular belief
The constant references,beggar belief.
I would cheers yous on,I would wish you well
But when *66 is mentioned,I feel a bit unwell
Sack these men ,who live in the past
More unbiased commentary,it would be a blast
Scottish people weren't born to hate
Anyone visits we open the gate
Please stop mentions of 1966
We would all live happy,get rid of these dicks.

Love Hate Relationship.

love it,hate it,loathe it,admire it

one of those sports,requires true grit.

big wages for the elite of the elite

showing some skill,with you tentative feet.

puts on a spectacle,millions to watch

truly exciting,just have to watch.

Some facts.

the first ever football league was formed in the UK in 1888.

Dublin University football club is considered the oldest club in the world,started in 1854.

The two biggest teams in Italy and are serious rivals share the same football park.the San Siro.

Can't get enough.

I'm a serious fan,just cannot get enough

of the enigma football,and footy related stuff.

support my team,despair when they lose

picking my emotions,if only I could choose.

amazing highs,terrible lows

depends on results,or how the game goes.

doesn't matter to me,support till I die

Glasgow Rangers,sometimes put me on a high.

Season ticket.

when I was younger I had a season ticket for Rangers Football Club.the first time I sat in my seat,my emotions were on a high.the atmosphere was tremendous.ive never felt so good about football before as I did that day.theres no comparison between being there and seeing the match on can have the best tv,the latest HD technology.its a poor substitute to being at the game live in my opinion.


new technology recently introduced to the game was goal line technology.About time,long overdue.ive seen teams losing football cups,going out of competitions,and literally losing out on millions of pounds due to human error.basically if the referee gets it wrong,it can mean the difference between a club surviving or going bust.what a responsibility to have.


The biggest down side to football is the money.i took my three kids and one nephew to the match many years ago.cost over £120 for the tickets.Then probably £50 for food there also.not a cheap day out by any stretch of the imagination.but if your a football fan it doesn't feel like a lot for what you get.


i did the football tour at a few places,even if your not a football fan ,going to see the history of the club and the Cups won,the old does make for a very interesting day out for fans and people who aren't fans.


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