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Common Mistakes in Promoting Web Articles

Updated on June 14, 2010

Mistake no. 1 Engaging in Auto Surfing and Paid to Click

If you think that Auto Surfing and Paid to Click will help you gain more valid page views for your web articles and content, you are absolutely wrong my friend. Engaging yourself in auto surfing and paid to click is a big NO in get-paid-to-write websites. It is mainly because most of these websites are earning through Adsense and other ad revenue programs that does not allow invalid clicks and artificial traffic that are mostly produce by auto surfing and paid to click sites.

I know, because me myself tried this before and it gave me headache. One of the get paid to write website I joined closed my account because of these. So now that you know , I hope you'll not follow the same thing that I did. Rather try other free and right ways to promote your articles online.

Read Right Ideas in Promoting Web Articles

Mistake no. 2 Writing in Comment Boxes and Asking Someone to Click Links to Your Articles

One thing I noticed about online writers,mostly the new ones, they often view the web articles of other writers, go to the comment box and place an inappropriate invite to read their articles by placing links. For me, this is very ineffective and may tag you as a spammer. And nobody want to be called a spammer unless you are doing it for enjoyment. I am sorry to say this, but I think doing this turns off other writers to view you instead of getting them thrilled to make connection with you.

Instead of doing this, appreciate the articles you read, place an honest comment, fave it, rate it according to your insights, and add the writer to your list of your friends. Believe it or not, this gives you more connection and gain good reputation in the community of web writers.

Mistake no 3 Not Customizing Your Profile Pages

It will be more professional if you can at least add a profile photo in your page. Avatar or real photo of you, it doesn't matter, as long as your readers can identify you as the author. There are readers who are curious to know who's the author of the article that they read. In the long run, it gives you avid readers and grow the number of your subscribers too.

And like putting an avatar or photo, you may also want to customize your profile page by writing something about you. This put flavors and enticement for readers to follow you. This makes you look not anonymous to those who love to read your articles. Make them feel welcome to visit your profile. Mind you, this will produce good number of viewership beyond your expectation.

Mistake no. 4 Not Building Network of Friends

As of this writing, I only have 3 articles published in hubpages and has a little number of followers. If I want to grow and get a good page views or traffic here, what I will do is to make friends and build rapport to other hubbers. This is what building network of friends means in web article promotion. Simple logic applies, if you follow other writers, more writers will follow you back, if you drop a comment to other writer's article that interest you, expect more comment back. In a perfect world, this is what we called Good Karma.

Doing this may require an extra effort on your part but at the end of the day you will be rewarded by more followers, more subscribers, more commentators and more avid readers. Believe it or not, this is one of the best tool to make your articles get seen in the web.

Mistake no. 5 Creating Web Articles with less Value

Don't assume that all the people who will read your web articles will like it. This can't be true sometimes. Some of them will say bad things about your work. I am not being negative but this is happening whether you like it or not. But you can lessen the chances of getting negative comments by writing quality articles. An article that people will feel that you worked hard building it, an article that has lots of fresh information or an article that can be a good source of relevant contents.

Sometimes we tend to focus on how we can earn from this content so we rush things out, build web articles that has less value, make articles that has less information, creating one that has no juicy content that make a reader feel they've just wasted their precious time.

If you want to earn from your writing, produce an article that has valuable information. Whether you write about yourself, making a review about a product, making news report or what not. Just to reiterate, always see to it that your article must bring new ideas for your online community and not just because of money matters.

Mistake no. 6 Forgetting About Your Old Web Articles

Always publishing new articles is fun and can make someone keeps on visiting your page. But how about your old articles with less traffic. Would you just forget about it or you will do something else to keep it look fresh in the eyes of your readers. This is another mistake of online writers. We focus on promoting our new articles but we totally neglecting the past articles that we wrote few months ago. 

How can we avoid this scenario? The simple way to keep it new is link building. Or simply, when you write new content make it imperative to link your old articles with relevant topic to the new one you'll publish. This technique can make your articles produce you money even if its an old one.

Learn From Your Mistakes and Keep on Writing

If you commit mistakes in article writing and promoting it, it does not mean that you are a bad writer. All of us once in our life as a writer experience committing mistakes. But this does not mean that you must quit. Hence, just charge it to your experience and keep on writing. Now that you learn from your mistakes, you may never want to do it again.

To be honest, some of these mistakes are the mistakes I committed when I was starting in writing articles in the web. I was trigger happy to produce more content because my focus is not to inform readers but simply just to make money from it. I joined ptc, auto surfing and traffic exchanges to get some readers but like what I have said I just failed and got a ban notice from an online writing site.

In this online writing business, one thing I just realized, the people who are successful in this career are the people who play it right and fair. Promote your web articles the right way and you'll earn more rather than trying to make the wrong thing of doing it.

And last but not the least, write because you love doing it and for sure you will get appreciated by many than those people who write just because they want to earn a dime.

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