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Comparing Illegal Immigration to War on Drugs

Updated on January 25, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


It seems to me the war on drugs and the government’s efforts to counter illegal immigration are almost identical. Both have been going on for a long time ever since the 1960s. Both have been unsuccessful despite all the money spent. Both are complex and with many moving parts. Both are devestating to our country and our citizens.

- Jan. 2019


The war on drugs started in the late 1960s. The federal government realized it was a long term threat to our nation if a portion of our citizens became addicted to hard drugs. It created a criminal enterprise that extended to other crimes such as petty theft and prostitution and illegal gambling. The problem is one of trafficking. Drugs were grown and manufactured south of our borders and smuggled into our country. The mafia and organized crime was behind this trafficking and distribution to our inner cities. Later, it spread to the suburbs and all parts of society. The addictive natiure of these drugs is what make them so devastating. Something had to be done.

Unfortunately, some legitimate businesses were pulled into this. Because it is mostly a cash operation, the profits has to be hidden or laundered in order to avoid detection. The government and the IRS also want a piece of the action.

Therefore, major banks are profiting from these illegal activity and the IRS is taxing this as well. On the surface, the official position is a war on drugs campaign. However, they were not serious. Too much money is involved. 60 years later, in 2019, we are still dealing with this problem.

Here is the parallel to our illegal immigration problem. Too many businesses are dependent on them. They are “adicted” to the cheap labor. Many of our industries, such as farming, and hospitality, restaurants and landscaping and construction rely on these groups for cheap labor.

Despite our efforts to stem illegal entry, the problem persists. Over the years, we had many proposals and implemented eVerify and all kinds of border security measures and yet the problem just keeps growing.


Both of these issues are used by our politicians from both sides of the aisle to gain votes. Election after elections, politicians speak of the crisis and how it needs reform. Yet, once elected, they seem to do the bidding of others who are hidden behind the curtain. They donate to campaigns and curry favors from these elected officials and in many cases end up with officials voting for just the opposite of what they campaigned on.

It is almost like they don’t want the problem fixed. In fact, they deliberately create road blocks along the way. They don’t want statistics made public. They lie and mislead the American public about the numbers. They sabotage the efforts of the border patrol and work in collusion with our neighboring countries to bypass our laws.

In the case of immigration, the wall is a primary example. Even though we know the wall will stop most of the illegsl crossings, some politicians and judges have made it impossible to implement them. Why?

On the illegal drug front, it is the same story. Despite all the efforts by our border patrol and ATF, we seem to be losing this war. There are more drugs on our streets and more accessible then ever. Why?


My contention of this article is that both problems are rooted in the same origin. Illegal immigration and illegal drugs are a demonstration of the failure of our government to protect our citizens. By design, they don’t really want to solve them. It is their opium. It keeps them in power and power is the ultimate goal. Power is money In the bank.

The public have had enough. It is these exact issues that have brought an outsider like President Trump to DC. They just don’t trust either party to do the right thing.

I believe that is one reason why they dislike Trump and are actively trying to impeach him or remove him from office or inhibit implementation of his policies. If Trump succeeds, they fail.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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