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Complexity First

Updated on November 11, 2015

All the dramas.

complexity,notion,complex emotion

stress,harsh,tightening throat

strolling on to a lifeless boat.

thump bang

goes your head

two hearts beat away

from a certain death.

heart races

blood pumps

feet entangled

walking thumps

up down

forward back

take it hard

till you crack

laughter to sadness

sanity to madness

ultimate highs

intensive lows

where your brain hits

nobody knows.

will it end?

the Rollercoaster

tie up loose ends

the external boaster.

starting fires

should be put out

life is a lie

has no clout.

square up your head

cup your emotions

roll up the sleeps

tend to your emotions.

To and fro.

we all go through our ups and downs

nothings as bad as it really sounds.

think of the time you made things better

think of it again,in a mental letter

stroll away with a happier face

then you walk a slower pace.

Tender moments.

Crack up.

if you're feeling like cracking up

pick a new route,life's new cup

endless chances,while moments enhances

your mental makeup,the mind just prances.

always in thought,thought never dies

even though it occasionally cries.

Time counts on.

Hard times.

we all go through terrible times in life.people deal with these issues sometimes ,from the outside it seems bonkers.but I know it's just the way people cope.we may think it's crazy what they are doing,but like the old saying goes.maybe there's method to the madness.

If we're all the same.

the world would be a boring place

if we all had the same face.

we would plod along,sad inside

all emotions you'd be forced to hide.

all same sad faces,all the same smiles

all the while your sanity

ends up in emotional piles.

Mental health.

i used to think mental issues were literally in the head.over the past ten years due to personal issues,I've learned not to always judge a book by its first cover.

Mad emotions.

If there's a chance .

if there's a chance

for your life to enhance

take the jump,scary as it is

your emotions won't disappear

in an emotional fizz.

you'll end up on

an even plain

you might start to feel

a little more sane.


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      Great hub ,voted up and thoroughly enjoyed.


    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 3 years ago from United States

      Good advice I see in this message of hope. Nice work. whonu