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Compliments of an Enabler

Updated on December 14, 2012

Your need is for that space,

which yearns to be filled,

naught but barren land

waiting fiercely to be tilled.

I step into the harness,

bringing ample strength to task.

I dig the furrows deep;

my command is yours to ask.


Through the stones of your pain

I drive my sharpened blade,

but when I search behind me

I see no mark was ever made.

Tightening my straps

with clenched teeth I dig harder

none will see the welts

resulting from this ardor.

Long and hard I toil,

so sure this land is fertile,

never recognizing

that my efforts will be futile.

Seeing this, my failure,

I’m sure that is all mine,

I step up to your table

and drink your bitter wine.


Tired and hurt, I wonder

how such labor comes to naught,

this cold and lifeless field

at so great a price I’ve bought.

Still, I wait and hope

that this space will bear some fruit

‘midst your stones I break asunder,

always knowing it was moot.


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    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 4 years ago

      Good Morning Ryan,

      WOW! Sadly I can really relate to this one. However...after many years I did give up my reign as the noble just likes to rear its ugly head at times and I have to put it in its place. Thank you for a very creative piece, so descriptively explained

      "Seeing this, my failure,

      I’m sure that is all mine,

      I step up to your table

      and drink your bitter wine."

      May we all recognize the signs.

      Take care,

      God bless


    • Ryan McGill profile image

      Ryan McGill 4 years ago from Omaha, NE

      Thanks Sunnie. This one is a bit dark, but I think many can relate. I'm not even sure where it came from and had a shock when I wrote it. Thank you for your kind compliments and I'm glad you liked it.

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