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Compose a scratch

Updated on December 23, 2015
A note from a friend.
A note from a friend.

Looking at a classic pen and paper

I smile as I silently utter a prayer

Here am I making love with words

Ah! Writing is creating music without chords

I love how writing kiss away my worries and fears

How I can express my thoughts, wants and fears

It's such an art oh! Full of surprise!

I'm not writing to be famous, the joy of writing my thoughts about life would suffice

A friend told me not to stop writing

To inspire people about life's meaning

Thank you my friend! I'll treasure your kindness

I'm thankful for the books, love and tenderness

I'll keep the note you gave me about inspiration

It added fuel to my weird imagination

Someday I would also write a note for someone blue

Pushing them to write,live, laugh and stop waiting for a cue



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