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Composition of Memories

Updated on September 29, 2011

My poems so far...

Free Tears

Free as a bird you soar through the sky,

As a solitary tear creeps out of my eye.

Your spirit goes on, as if nothing's wrong.

The reality hits me as we're playing your song.

Your funeral beings, and everyone cries.

It's hard to accept it, but everyone dies.

As I close my eyes, out shed the tears.

And I remember you and all our good years.

The times we had together, always such a blast.

Now it's just a memory, it's all in the past.

Free as a bird you soar through the sky,

As a solitary tear creeps out of my eye.


When I think of life without you, all I see is black.

My dreams are sad without you, I wish it could go back,

To days when we were happy, when things were all alright.

When I think of life without you, tears fill my eyes at night.

I hope I'll never life this life without you in my heart.

That life will always be the same, that we will never part.

I'll love you forever and always, this I know is true.

And all I see is black, when I think of life without you.


Lost in a dream that won't come true,

I turn around and I see you.

But you look different in my eyes of sleep.

You look like you're sad, you cry, you weep.

And sadness consumes you, it swallows you whole.

You burrow in the ground as if you're a mole.

You slither around like a wonderful snake,

Your dream comes true, it's for me to take.

And again you are you in my sleepy eyes,

And as I awake, I hear your faint, sad cries.

It's all my fault

Lifeless and twisted your eyes stare cold.

It wasn't because of others, it wasn't because you're old.

It was me who made you do it, it's me who should be blamed.

I pushed you and pushed you, now I'm so ashamed.

Is suicide really painless? Come back and tell me soon.

So I can come and join you, and we can walk the moon.

I'm sorry for the things I did to go and make you die.

I'll be joining you soon, sitting up in the sky.


The pain that cuts into your soul when you lose someone you love is unbearable.

I wish life was better, you wouldn't have to put up with things that are terrible.

Broken hearts, torn apart, shredded to bits.

You think it's love until the madness hits.

You'll think it's love but you'll find no lies,

When you love you must be wise.

Make sure it's love and not just lust.

In your heart you must trust.

Listen to your heart and not your brain,

And you will never feel this pain.

The Guy

The day of my moms birth is the day that I cry.
I can't even talk to her because of a guy.
A guy that's trying to ruin my life,
By making my mom his own wife.
She doesn't know him well enough
To see that he is not that tough.
He acts all macho, like he's strong.
But what he is doing is very wrong.
He's moving down her chain of kids,
To see if he can get them in his bed.
He hasn't succeeded just quite yet,
But I'm willing to make a bet.
A bet that he will try to get
My little sister in his bed.
I hope that she'll know what to do,
So that she can make it through.
A lifetime with him would make me cry,
I can't see my mom because of this guy.

I need you

Tell me what I need to do to make you need me like I need you.

I need your love so badly, tell me do you need mine too?

Tell me what to do to keep you, tell me how you can be so pure.

I wanna live with your love, because I really need you here.

I need to love you, and I need you to love me back.

I need your arms to hold me, tell me how can I do that?

I need to have what I've been looking for, someone just like you.

I need for you to need me back, so what am I supposed to do?

I love you deeply with all my heart, and I hope that we will never part.

A love to last a life-time

Two people so in love, they were on cloud nine.

Plenty of years of life together, always a wonderful time.

Blessed with a family that loves them so much,

Because all of our hearts they surely did touch.

One life was cut short, the other carried on,

To overcome the heart-ache, and live long and strong.

She passed away peacefully, and now they are together.

Once again in unity, for eternity, forever.


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    • Merlin Fraser profile image

      Merlin Fraser 7 years ago from Cotswold Hills

      Hi Robz,

      Saw you answer to a recent question on English, and I note you hail from Canada, to clarify I was speaking about the standard of teaching here in the UK where our native tongue is no longer treated with any respect.

      Welcome to HubPages by the way, hope you learn to enjoy it as much as I do. Come check us out.

      Loved your Poems, they rhyme and flow and I can read them, enjoy them and understand them, which is more than I can say for a lot of what passes for poetry these days, of course I am a complete Philistine with regard to poetry so you may wish to seek further comment.