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Conditional Friend

Updated on November 8, 2010

Conditional Friend

 I remember as children we would say "Will you be my friend?" and the reply was usually "Sure" or "Ok"

So now that I am older I have come to learn that there are different levels of friendships some are real and some are a facade for the rest of the world.

Some friends are forever and those relationships are earned over time and through the best and worst situations that person is always on call.

There are others though that exist and they are not true friends.. They are conditional friendships and have requirements that must be met.

I am  your friend as long as you are doing me a favor, as long as you get that discount I like, as long as I can get a connection with that man you know that I like.

WELL WELL WELL conditional friend.. I don't like the conditions you extend.. you are bossy and superficial and not really here for me. You are trying to pad your pockets , put a smile on your face and possibly a man in that cold empty bed space. WELL WELL WELL my conditional friend I was doing fine before I met you then because even though life was hard at times I already had true friends who had my back and would give me that last dime.  I already had a shoulder to lean on because they knew they could lean on mine.  I didn't have to worry about being stabbed in the back because all my true friends are walking with me not behind me.  So now I ask myself how did you get in so easily.. then I remember that you slipped in when I was weak and when I thought I needed support. I was just blinded for a moment but now I have it all sorted.. See I will not be your key to a dream that will never be fulfilled, I will not be your source of information so how about using the library instead.. Conditional friend I don't need you.. Your conditions are far beyond me.. You are so wrapped up in this goal that you seek til its never been about me at all.. its always been about the Gold you seek. When I say gold I don't mean jewels because we all hold different things to value.  Let this be a notice of closure and a crisp clean goodbye.. I don't need you Conditional friend you are nothing but a lie.


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    • lilmissbookworm profile image

      lilmissbookworm 7 years ago

      True words. I have been unfortunate in the past about what friends are real. I have to admit some are easier to work out thean others. Why can't everybody be honest about what they truly want from your relationship from day one?