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Connections of the Early Morning

Updated on October 30, 2012

Cruising down the skyway at a steady sixty miles per hour, it is 4 a.m. and At the Drive-In’s “One Armed Scissor” is blaring out the car speakers. After going out to a concert and the after party with all the drugs that followed, we were still wide awake and ready for more. We continued to do finger dips of Molly as we coasted the water front drive down Rt. 5 on our way to Wanakah beach. We parked in the 7-11 parking lot and walked down the street to the tunnel that runs under the street to give you access to the beach. Coming out the other side of the tunnel, we stand facing the beach in the early dawn glow. The water of the lake, flat like glass, reflected the image of the dark red underbellies of the clouds from the suns morning rays. Sitting down on the sand, listening to the sounds of the day waking up, I am in awe. The beauty of nature, of my surroundings, of my state of mind, this environment of tranquility only temporarily enhanced by the MDMA and THC coursing through my body.

“I’ve always loved the early morning and its sunrise,”

My buddy, looking up at the sky over the lake asks;

“Why man,”

“Because its, it’s like a birth, he birth of a new day, a new life, a new adventure. Whatever you want to make of it, you can. Plus it’s probably the most peaceful time of the day. Barely anyone is awake, barely anyone is moving, you are pretty much alone. The quietness, the tranquility of everything allows you to see life and the day in a new light, just like the drugs we take allow us to shed a different, more revealing light on our sober reality,”

“What do you mean man,” my friend asks me with a pondering look on his face, eyes still to the sky.

“Think about man, when do we see life the most,”

After about two minutes, my buddy responds;

“When we’re awake and can see it,”

“Yeah, and when we’re awake is usually during the day or the night, but never the early morning. So seeing these moments add a new perspective onto our view of life and reality. When we do drugs the experiences we have seem like they are new and therefore are more interesting and that’s exactly how the morning is. Every morning is a new experience waiting to happen, when you see the day in the morning as it blossoms and wakes up, you’ll never really see a dark moment. The beauty of birth humbles you in a way that is un-describable. You’re appreciation for everything rises in such a way that you never stop appreciating everything for how it is in it is natural beauty. You celebrate all the living and natural things. The little things become important and the trivial die away man. It’s beautiful,”

“Damn, that was some deep shit man. Never really looked at it that way, but I totally get what you’re saying. Now pass me a beer and let us enjoy this beautiful early morning man,”

Handing my friend a beer I can tell he is going through his own birth right now. Maybe it’s just the drugs, or maybe he took to heart what I said, but I know that I’ll be out here tomorrow.


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