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Conquering your Weakness

Updated on September 9, 2017

Strengths and weaknesses


A famous Quote "A man who can't believe in himself, can't believe in anything else".
So believe in yourself & always remember everything happens for a right reason.

Everyone has Limits?

We never know our limits without our skills being put to test; as testing of our skills is very important to judge our qualities/ skills.Remember life is a battle field & everyone here is a warrior having different qualities; so the one who knows his/her qualities will be the winner. Never say never to anything always say ever. You have the resources, you just need to find them & the first place to look into is within yourself. So always try to accept the challenges; instead of running away from them; try to accept them & conquer your fear to do them. Test yourself in every situation of your life & Don't regret if you couldn't pass in any of the test try to learn from your mistakes as You are your best teacher to identify you with yourself so push hard to teach yourself; the best you can give to yourself.

Be optimistic

Try to have positive attitude of taking the challenges/ different aspects of life. As life is so unexpected & moreover we never get satisfy with what we have; we want more from our life.
Moreover, always remember that the God never gives us everything we want But God gives us everything we need. So always appreciate what you have is the better than the others & try to get the best in future.
So never loose hope & hope for the best as Keller famous Quote says; "optimism is the faith that leads to achievement but nothing can be done without hope".

Identify Yourself

Always aim high; be cool; see the world & be up to date.
Moreover, remember that hard work always pay you sooner or later. So, Never give up on something try to push Hard & achieve your goal.

Our skills double when we face danger as only then we see, hear, smell & move faster. It shows that we are capable to act & do much than we think. Sometimes danger identifies you with yourself.

Believe in yourself

If a man/ woman wants his/her Dreams to come true;
As dreams let us the path to view our life in a better way;
So he/she must wake up!!!
The thing that's worse than quitting/ falling is being Complacent;
Believing that you are weak & that's what you are capable of.

Start To Say YES!

When you start to say-" This is the way I am & there's nothing I can do about it! That's when you hit the rock at the bottom. No one can help you in such a situation. Even the skills you have mastered will be waste with such a attitude. Believe in yourself & only then you can impact others to believe in you. Start to care, even if no one cares for you. Always Remember that the last person to give up on you should be yourself.

© 2012 Bhargvi Sharma


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    • bhargvi sharma profile image

      Bhargvi Sharma 5 years ago from jammu ( India)

      Thanku..... :D

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      Great motivational spirit in your hub! I loved it!

      Your thoughts are very intriguing and philosophical :)

      Indeed our greatest strength lies beneath our skin, in our soul and we should always put it to a test.. that's when true gold churns out!

      keep writing