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Conservatives Are Finally Winning in the Arena of Ideas

Updated on October 23, 2018
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Jack is retired. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


After years under the attack by the media, Conservatives are finally getting their day under the sun. They are winning every which way you turn. In 2018, Conservatives are main stream. Among millennials, Conservatives are winning some converts.

Why? The answer is simple. Conservative principles, when applied, works. We see this is economic policies, in government reform, in the makeup of our courts and in many social issues.

- Oct. 2018

Know The Competition

Our country is diverse and divided. Here are many interest groups. Some groups overlap. However, it is good to identify these groups and categorize them. This is how we can separate and understand their motivations. These groups are diverse and have their own agendas. Who are they?

  • the elites - these includes the Washington lobbyists, the media, Hollywood celebrities, athletes, the rich tycoons and member of the academia...
  • Liberal progressives - these are people who think of themselves as enlightened and educated and free spirit and caring and compassionate...and they think they know what is best for the rest of us.
  • Conservatives - people who are grounded in self reliance and rule of law and a limitted government.
  • libertarians - people who wants to be left alone and believe a minimal government intervention into their lives.
  • moderates - politically neutral and wants to get along with everyone and have sympathy for all sides of all issues and refuses to take a position.
  • feminists - people who believes our current male dominated society is unfair and wants to change the balance of nature.
  • Minorities - includes all groups such as black, asians, hispanics, native Americans and LGBTQ...
  • atheists - people who have lost their faith in a Higher power. They believe organized religion is the cause of conflicts around the world.
  • goverment employees civil servants - they are a growing segment of of work force who are reliant on the government and have very little accountability.
  • military and armed forces - these are volunteer positions that are patriots who defend our coutry against foreign aggression.
  • union workers - these are organized labor forces who seek better working conditions and benefits and wages.
  • entrepreneurs - self employed workers who took a chance and started new businesses.
  • migrant farmers - these are people who keep our groceries stocked with fresh produce.
  • Non-profit workers - these are people who work for 401C3 organizations...they usually are paid less than comparable work in the private arena.
  • medical professionals - these are workers that generally work to keep us healthy and productive and free of pain and disease.
  • undocumented workers or illegal aliens - these are low skilled workers who come over our borders uninvited and stay to compete for low waged jobs. They are often exploited by employers who pay them below the legal minimum wages.

Conservatives Are Finally Winning...

There are several reasons for this.

1. The age of Trump

2. The demise of the main stream media

3. The Obama effect

4. The Crazy Socialist Movement

5. The Immigration fiasco

The American people are not stupid. They have experienced the 8 years of Obama and his progressive ideas. They have rejected them over the past 4 election cycles. They voted in Trump to shake up Washington DC.

They wanted a better free market economy.

They wanted the rule of law to govern our immigration.

They wanted a strong nation, one that is respected and feared by our adversaries.

They wanted an America they can be proud of.

How Are We Winning?

  • Conservatives now dominate the Supreme Court.
  • The Free enterprise system is coming back with less government intervention.
  • The media is untrustworthy by most people polled today.
  • The mob are exposing who they really are and it scares the moderate Americans.
  • The federal government is getting smaller finally as our Constitution dictated a limitted government.
  • Our military is strong again and ready to defend us.
  • Some millennials are getting the message and #walkaway from the Democratic party.


The conservative movement started in 1980 with President Ronald Reagan. It underwent a new revival under President Trump. It came as a direct result of President Obama’s 8 years of progressive agenda. It was rejected by the America voters. The only people who supports them are the media elites. They live in their bubble and think we are too stupid to know what is good for us.

I guess the people are not too stupid after all.

© 2018 Jack Lee


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