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Consider The Mighty Wooly Mammoth.

Updated on October 8, 2009
Photo-(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio-MFB III
Photo-(c)-ArtWhimsically Yours Studio-MFB III

Consider The

Mighty Wooly Mammoth.



Pause to consider


the mighty Wooly Mammoth

it was magnificent

this creature as it ruled

the frozen tundras

trumpeting its joys..and triumphs

keening out its sorrows

its memory much longer then

its oh, so short existence.

It vanished with a roar

erased forever from Earth's surface

once massive herds reduced to

frozen humps beneath the ice.

Ivory tusks curve up to point the way

to mammoth's shaggy graves

(( (( (( (( (( ((

Pause to consider now...Myself

a somewhat skinny..shaggy poet

a miniscule speck of flesh

compared to them..those Wooly Mammoths

significance is lost

against the scope of centuries past

I only rule some sheets of white

that lay before me

magnanimous the tracks

my pens make

as I trumpet vocally my triumphs

in lyric blasts

as well as sometimes keening

all the sorrows that beset me

in my tiny patch of life

my memory though is much shorter

then the Mammoth's

now...then.........where was I???


soon I'll vanish with a whimper

lost forever from Earth's species

once young too, I felt immortal

turns out I was just Immoral

but soon my massive dreams will be reduced

to just a pile of yellowed bones

in silk lined coffin...six feet under

locked beneath the frozen turf

a marble slab curves up to point the way

to one less poets raves

to one more poet's grave +


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