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Consider who your readers are.

Updated on August 12, 2016

Gandhi Bridge, Jenging, Arunachal Pradesh

View of Gandhi Bridge in Jenging, Arunachal Pradesh
View of Gandhi Bridge in Jenging, Arunachal Pradesh | Source

Adele - Hello

Bring along the personas when writing.

We have to make sure that the content is useful to someone. Ask yourself; Who are these people looking at your article? Are they male or female? How old are they? Do they have kids or maybe are they grandparents? Where do they live? This will give you a bit of a hint on their day to day life and where your article fits into it. More questions to ask yourself would be; what do they want to get out of your article? What are their goals? Do they like it or maybe they hate it? Is it just something they do to complete a task? Other issues you need consider are: literacy and education level of your readers might be different from yours. You need to identify that. Accessibility issues are also important to identify. Do they have access to the internet? In the country side the internet might be quite slow. Do they have access to a smart-phone, a laptop, a desktop or do they have to visit a cyber café or a library to access internet? Consider that people might have some disabilities. These would be a barrier to accessing your content. To help you identify various needs of different groups of persons, create personas. E.g name: John Michael, age: 25 years, kids: none, has a girl friend: yes but they don’t live together, lives in Kenya, in Nairobi. We could assign a tag to him like; I don’t like going to a bank. His goals may be; to live comfortably and doing easily whatever he wants to do. So whenever you are writing an article you will bring along the particular persona you think the readers of the article will fit into. Make sure that you don’t think like your readers. You actually don’t think as your readers. Don’t write content you think your readers will understand simply because you understand it. This is reason enough to bring a long a persona whenever you are writing an article.


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