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Consideration Part(2)

Updated on November 24, 2011

The Accident!

All comments or suggestions bought to my attention, will be greatly appreciated.

My name is Pompeii, I am the oldest and only remaining son in the family, and I am thirty six years old. The remainder of my family consists my Mother and Father, my wife and my two daughters. I said only remaining because my identical twin brother whose name was Julius, minutes apart at birth, though he swears to be older by continuously saying that he was a day older, and boasting of how many things one can possibly be able to do in one day. But I never actually paid him any mind, I never even bothered to ask my parents if the allegation was true or not. All that mattered was that he is my identical twin brother whom I love with all my heart, and there is not a day that goes by with me not remembering all those great times we spent together, and for all the endless and unconditional love that he showed to me and everyone around ,. He said that he needed me to be strong, and I promised, had I not you will all be swimming in my tears for sure. But when you make promises to love ones keep them, because the saying goes that a promise is a comfort to a fool, so be sure that you are not the one playing your loved ones for any fool. Any time during this documentary you observe me running away and going off in a direction that's none related bare with me, and I will explain. But so that you know myself and my brother being identical, all our lives we have never actually tried to do anything differently, so that will be his spirit using my body any how you see anything strange. I actually believe that we share the same body at this time.

We did everything together and our Mother and Father saw to it, that it remained that way, up until that faithful day when he died in my arms. It’s all still a sort of nightmare to me as you would come to understand, during my efforts at explaining.

There is "nothing" that will make me forget that look in his eyes, as I also stared directly into his eyes, it was the most revealing experience that I ever had, as if I was for the first time being given a look at what my own soul will look like at the time of my own death. By the way Julius was looking back at me; there was not the slightest hint that he was afraid. It’s as if this was all a dream revealing in front of me and my brother was partaking in that same dream.

Just to ensure myself that I wasn't truly dreaming, I looked around, and I saw what was left of the car we were in. My brother was thrown a good distance; I remember having to walk over in the direction of the groans and moans. As I looked to the other side at the median where I believed we flipped over.

It all happened so fast! But what happened next actually sent me into a self induced dream of my own. The rain was still pouring, and made this strange rhythm, as each drop would play its own tune as it connected to the twisted metal remains of the car we were in.

As I held my brother in my arms keep saying to him, hold on it’s alright bro, help is on the way, there were at least two people on cell phones looking over the embankment, but nothing seem to matter to me, was as if I was in a total different zone, a different world if I may. It was my brother and we were speaking to each other, as I was holding him , though I knew many things was already wrong , my hands was not really resting comfortably on solid skin, it was actually covering this huge gash in his stomach, the least attempt I could make to kelp stop the bleeding. It was at the moment I pressed a little firmer, saw his eyes opened and he said: Love you brother! The tone was not loud but it was enough to sing through the raining music. He clearly understood what had taken place, as if shielded by some angel he said to me. Brother you know how much I love you, his voice again though faint was at a good enough tone for me to hear. I said yes brother and I love you too, just hang in there, help is on the way. He said I know bro, and in this sincere tone I heard him say. There was never any doubt in my heart knowing how much you loved me also,

My entire being wanted to hear him, Love gave me the strength to be able to listen and I was also sure, that it was also that same love that had instilled the strength in my Brother. The strength, to speak. The speaking “MADE HIM SMILE” it was the most amazing thing, and I had to act along. It meant the world to him, I knew this, so I had to stop myself from feeling what I was truly feeling, and that was to scream and cry.

Start here He said brother there are days that I spent alone in certain places, where I would allow myself to dream, and there is this beautiful, peaceful feelings that usually come over me. He said brother it is the best feeling in the world, but there is this part that sometimes come, that will be the total opposite, so any time that my mind would try to go there, I would always remember, and start snapping myself out of the dream.

He said my brother this is the identical situation we are in at this present time. It is the thought that one of us, for one reason or another would have to be separated from other and the thought of something like this ever happening to you or me would blow me away, tear me up. Brother I guess this is my dream realized, and the only thing in this world that is now making me sad as I prepare to go, is our separation.

Don’t be afraid for me he said, I did all the correct things during my life, as you also know, because you we there most of the time and also did them with me. He said Brother, I already miss you dearly, and I know that you are feeling the very same way too. But allow me to be the one saying, because I would like for you to do me this huge favor when I am gone. As he began to speak, I could feel his sincerity and warmth, the honesty was literally emanating through his voice.

He said brother do you know that we were going to have beautiful children, and we would have raised then, the very same way that we were raised. So I need you to promise me that you would at least let your children experience this love and understanding that we share. Always speak the truth and remember that verse of scripture that granddad always say to us, the one that in the book of Proverbs 22:6. And says: To train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Give Thanks to Mom and Dad, Thanks for the heritage of our grandparents also. Then he smiled and said, maybe it's them that sent for me. He said: brother I am hurting physically but I know there is a better place for, and I am not worried. I want you to be you my Brother to be "considerate" towards all things, take nothing for granted. I know because in those same quiet times that I spent dreaming alone, they have taught me quite a lot, and the greatest knowledge that I sought in those dreams, was asking the Most High God, to give me some sort of revelation. Brother my greatest desire was to be a messenger of God.

From the great life we shared as a family, I wanted more than anything else to do God’s work. Had this not happened to me I was well on my way, but I guess the Most High God had better plans for me. With the love we shared I am quite happy that he chose for me to leave this way, not the accident, but being in the arms of my one and only beloved brother. I need you to let Mom and Dad know, that I said: A guy could not ask for anything better if he had parents like they were to us. Tell them in your own words because of what we shared,

I know your spirit will allow mine to speak through you. I know that it will. He said: Brother, you must also try dreaming, thinking about the greater things in this life, and beyond, yes beyond, because I had no idea that it would end this way, and the way that I feel , suggests that I am not going to be alone.

Thank God for our great family and the way things worked out, I am in the spirit, I know so. But because I felt for those who don’t even have what it takes to dream, their lives being so difficult, with it being no fault of their own. So I want you to dream; so that maybe the Most High God will allow you to see what I saw, and he can instill in you that same spirit and desire. I am asking him to also give you some type a revelation, but dream brother dreammmmm, as his voice dropped. He then took a very deep breath, and said: OH Godddddiiii, with a humming kind of tone, his eyes fell from the upright position, and closed tight, in that very instant, he was gone.

No sooner, the ambulance pulled up, I was covered in blood, and in this dream state I had totally forgotten where I was,

All of a sudden the entire situation was starting to play games in my head. I began asking myself if it was actually real. I then looked again at the blood on my hands and it was real, soon all started coming back clear as crystal, that we were in this bad car accident, and though I had sustained a few injuries myself, I survived. My Brothers wounds were much more substantial and he died in my arms. I remembered.

I remember the paramedic telling his colleague that I said, my brother whom they believed had died on the spot, but I am saying that he just died, only seconds before we showed up. They said that given the injuries sustained to that corpse, there was no possible way; he could have been alive for any amount of time after those injuries, much less half an hour, as this brother claimed. He is possibly in shock said one of the paramedics and that was the very last, that I heard. I woke up a day later; at least that’s what I was told by the nurse attending to me, I saw that my family was standing there, at the window, as it seems that the nurse had pulled the blind for my parents to see me.

I understood after that my Mom could not take it any more not seeing me after finding out that my brother had dies, they said that she fainted, knowing this my Dad had ask the nurse to let her see me, as she actually thought they were lying to her, and that both her sons were dead.

The second night in the hospital was one in which the entire incident began replaying itself in my head. I could remember the nurse coming to me and saying its ok, its ok, and it’s only a dream, you were possibly having a nightmare and that was common with patients like me. I was sweating bullets all the time, falling in and out of sleep, and all I could hear is my Brother saying dream, brother, God will give you a revelation.

To be cont…….

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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      My brother Chip I don't know why you have not seen it.


    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Lol , did you see part one? maybe that's the reason,. No it's not my brother in real life , that imaginary character . Maybe part two , no I think it's "aight" but you let me know when you read part one.


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I am confused Sky. Is this a real story. Is this your brother? What happened? Why am i not understanding?

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      My brethren Frank , thanks for those great descriptive words , I would always say coming from you my brethren . Well taken and encouraging.

      I am using the negatives of life to be the fuel , at this stage sent me your worst , i will make it turn to good .

      Bless and sincere thanks.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      Wow Sky this is a continuing ball of yarn just rolling with anticipation love the flow and how you are pitching the delivery.. so far awesome and interesting at the same time