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Constant Content - Earn Money Writing Online

Updated on June 21, 2012
Constant Content: "Where it's good to be unique"
Constant Content: "Where it's good to be unique"

Constant Content is a website for freelance writers to upload and sell their articles, or to write articles in response to requests. Unlike other sites where writers bid against each other to take on projects for mere pennies, on Constant Content writers set their own prices for their articles.

Licensing Options

Constant Content gives you the option to retain ownership of your work, or to hand over the rights to the buyer to do as they like with the article.

You have three options when selling an article on Constant Content:

1. Usage License - You retain all rights to the work. The customer buys the right to use your article on their website, but they must credit you as the author, and they must not change the article in any way. You are free to re-use and re-sell the article as many times as you like.

2. Unique License - As above, the customer must credit you as the author and use the article exactly as provided, but they have unique rights of usage. That means that you cannot reuse or resell the article.

3. Full rights - In this case, you relinquish all rights to the article. The customer can alter it, resell it and even claim authorship of the article.

You can offer all three options on an article, with a different price for each. I usually charge $70-100 for full rights, and $20-30 on a usage license.

Constant Content's Recommended Pricing Structure
Constant Content's Recommended Pricing Structure

How Much do Articles Sell For?

I regularly see articles selling on Constant Content for $50 or $100. The highest prices are usually commanded by high-quality, informative articles of at least a few hundred words, which are being offered with full-rights.

Constant Content take a commission of 35% on any article you sell. That sounds like a lot, but remember the work they are doing in terms of marketing your articles to potential customers who otherwise would never have heard of you as a new writer. The guarantee of quality that CC offers their customers also means that you will likely receive a much higher price for your articles than you would if you sold them elsewhere or did ghostwriting through other popular writing sites such as textbroker.

My latest sales on two 500-word general-information articles brought in $70 (full-rights sale) and $30 (usage license sale).

How do I get started?

1. Sign up as a Constant Content Writer

You can sign up as a Constant-Content writer by following the link and clicking on the yellow "Want to Write for Us?" button.

2. Write Content!

Once you have signed up, you can begin uploading articles. These can be on any topic you like, with the exception that they can't be poetry or original fiction. If you're stuck for a topic, take a look at the list of recently sold content and see what categories are selling well, or write an article in response to one of the requests on the "Requested Content" tab.

3. Sell Content

Once your article has been uploaded and approved by an editor (and please note, it has to be completely free of spelling and grammar errors to be approved), it will appear as available for sale on your profile, where it will remain until a buyer purchases it. All of the articles on your profile are searchable by customers browsing the site, so choose informative titles and tags for your articles and wait for the sales to roll in.

4. Be Patient

Some articles can sit on the site for weeks or even months before the right customer comes along. However, they usually do come along eventually. Be patient and spend your time building up a portfolio of work or writing in response to requests.

Constant Content Writer Pools

Constant Content has recently added writer pools to their site. This means that if you have a particular specialization - say you're an expert in technology, for example, or you're experienced at writing blog posts or sales copy - you can apply to be included in a writer pool, which makes it easy customers to identify you and contact you with work opportunities.

The benefit of Constant Content writer pools is that you can claim jobs posted by clients as yours, meaning that no other writer is able to see or work on them. You are then almost guaranteed a sale of your work once you submit it to the request.

Every week, I write around 10-15 writer pool articles of 500-600 words each. At a sale price of $40 each, this is a very good source of income.

You can apply for inclusion in a writer pool after being accepted as a Constant Content writer. The process isn't too arduous - they just want a brief example of your work and a few lines about why you are suitable.

Sign Up Here

Sign up as a Constant Content Writer

For Many, Constant Content is the first step on the journey to becoming a full-time freelance writer. For others it is simply an easy way to bring in some extra cash. Whatever is the case for you, I wish you the best of luck. Please feel free to leave feedback or ask questions either on this hub or on the CC website.


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    • topquark profile image

      topquark 5 years ago from UK

      Faisal... you could also try writing for LB. They have writers from all around the world and almost always have work available.

      You will need a Paypal account, however, to get paid every Tuesday and Friday.

    • Mandy M S profile image

      Mandy M S 5 years ago

      Very interesting. I've never heard of this, but I'm going to look into it! Thanks!

    • houseofjcjee profile image

      houseofjcjee 5 years ago from Philippines

      This is a very interesting post. I will check the site later. Thanks for sharing!

    • alexarpoe profile image

      alexarpoe 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Thank you very much for your response to my 'freelance sites' question -- this was really helpful!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      A very interesting hub and you have promoted the website very well indeed. Have you ever considered working in sales because this is really top notch. I think for people looking to make extra money and having the necessary discipline this would be an ideal option. The trouble is that many people still want something for nothing and when they realise the hard work that goes into making money like this they do not stick at it. I can see how you would be successful at it and I wish you the very best of luck. Thank you for sharing this.

    • topquark profile image

      topquark 6 years ago from UK

      That's interesting. I'm fairly sure their editor isn't automated. I usually write about health (nutrition) and haven't run up against problems... maybe they improved? The editing can be a bit overly picky though.

    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 6 years ago

      Interesting article. I never had any luck with CC because they seem to use some kind of automated editor. I used to write on alternative health and if a word wasn't recognized by their editor, it would be automatically rejected. After they rejected several of my articles containing words like "Riboflavin," they just stopped processing any articles I uploaded.

      This was a couple of years ago. Maybe they've improved. But, I would stick to very ordinary topics there if I were to try it again (which I won't!) and try not to use any unusual words.

    • Snurre profile image

      Snurre 6 years ago

      Great hub! I've had some good experience with CC. What I found is that you get the most of work if you write for public requests.

    • OutsideTheLines profile image

      OutsideTheLines 6 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      Definitely will have a look! Sounds worthwhile. Thank you for sharing! Voted up :)

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Interesting information! I will check it out!

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for this info. I went to their site and put it under my favorites. Will have to look further into this.

    • dodgethis profile image

      dodgethis 6 years ago

      Ok, thank you so much for the info!!

    • topquark profile image

      topquark 6 years ago from UK

      If you own the rights, you can do what you like with the article. However, CC will not accept articles unless you can prove you are the original owner, so you may need to add a line into the article on hubpages "by [your constant content pen name]" to show that it belongs to you.

      If the article is already published, you will of course only be able to offer usage licenses for sale on CC.

    • dodgethis profile image

      dodgethis 6 years ago

      I am very new to all this. One question that I had is if I keep all rights to an article which was sold, could I still keep that article on hubpages as well, or does the article need to be removed before I post it on constant content?

    • topquark profile image

      topquark 6 years ago from UK

      The payment method is usually paypal, although they say in their FAQs that they allow bank transfers for $500+ amounts. You don't have to live in the USA - I don't - I think that anywhere is fine as long as your standard of English is good.