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Cool Breeze and Comfort Food

Updated on November 26, 2012

Sit Back...and Take A Break Awhile...

Cool Breeze and Comfort Food

A rainy day to cool things down, a reprisal from the heat,

I sit outside the local diner, and enjoy what I chose to eat.

Normally, would be inside with A/C blaring...

Now at curbside patio, I look out this busy street while staring.

At nothing much, just like what’s going on inside my brain,

A moment or two to relax, to enjoy the cool breeze, after a fresh rain.

I have been way too busy, and forgot to stop and smell a single flower,

Now, I have a minute to look around me, though I’m only on my lunch hour.

To watch the world around me, also enjoying the lack of heat,

I sit down without a care...and for awhile...I forget to eat.

Birds around me or two chirps out a song...

I’m enjoying my stay here…wish it could be for really long.

But, I will have to get back to it…at the end of this little break,

First chance I had to slow down so far, since I was first awake.

Oh I dream…that this was a vacation day...

Then I’d sit right here, and plop my butt down, for a longer stay.

The street noise is kind of calming, helps me to mesmerize...

The calm grey sky is also...very soothing to my eyes.

The breeze feels a tropical beach or a resort in Mountain air,

People driving by me by only a few feet...and totally unaware.

That I sit here for one moment in my own little sanctuary...

Oblivious to the concerns of the world, while finding my inner sanctity barely.

Just me and my sidewalk table, and many calming noises,

Is making this busy day for me...a little more joyous.

And to think I didn’t plan it…when I picked out my favorite food,

An added bonus, relaxing moment, with a meal that’s really good.

One small moment, unintended, for me to be grateful for...

Must enjoy every minute…before I have to go back to work…once more.

 Copyright © 2009



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