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Copyediting Training - Common Copyediting Queries

Updated on May 1, 2013

Below are some common copyediting queries raised by trainee copy editors for senior copy editors:

  1. Please check the corresponding address and set accordingly.
  2. Do we need to hyphenate the term "self".
  3. Please check the term "cross"---set as hyphenated.
  4. Do we need to change all plus (+) and minus (--) symbols in superscript.
  5. Please check the style of unpublished references in the text of the article.
  6. Section citation is appearing in italics. Please check for relevance.
  7. Author is defining MCP as monocyte chemotactic protein but in content style sheet it is monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP). Please check what to do regarding this.
  8. Do we need to retain SIRP-α as provided by the author.
  9. Some chemical reactions are appearing with captions (scheme) and both citations (scheme/reaction) are appearing.
  10. Scheme and equations are numbered in sequence. We guess these should be numbered separately.
  11. Scheme captions are appearing at the end of article.
  12. Check for the abbreviation P503 Chromeo™ P503. How to abbreviate it in text and captions.
  13. Check for the term "length" throughout. Do we need to hyphenate value and unit here.
  14. Check for the abbreviation of ART2.2 as it has been defined as both adenosine diphosphate ribosyl transferase 2.2 and ADP-ribosyl transferase 2.2.
  15. Check for "post infection"---set as one word postinfection. Is it ok?
  16. Both wild-type and WT and OVA and ovalbumin are appearing in the article. Please check.
    Same is the case with NAD and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Do we need to insert the expanded form in the absract as it is a standard abbreviation?
    Check for abbreviation of LmOVA.
    Do we need to raise query for RPMI and FCS as they are well-known terms.
    Please check heading levels 2 and 2.1 as typeset for correctness.
  17. Nothing was mentioned for Greek letters appearing in chemical names in the style sheet. Please include information regarding this issue.
  18. RP HPLC (at two instances) can be changed to RP-HPLC or not?
  19. Check sentence "Pale yellow crystals...", as we raised query but were not sure of terms "t, m, s".
  20. Left "The 40 µL of the methanol..." as it is as I was confused to change it to "A total of 40 µL of the methanol..." as author is mentioning it in previous sentence.
  21. RRH set as per style. Please check.
  22. Do we need to insert additional correspondence at our end?
  23. Check for style of schemes.
  24. Check Table 3 for typesetting.
  25. As no style for Head 4 has been provided in style sheet but head 4 is present in article. Please check.
  26. Do we need to set all the occurrences of D/L in small caps and italics? We think it is only for dextro and levo case. Please check.


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