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Coronavirus Pandemic 2019

Updated on August 10, 2023
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I hold B A Hon. Degree in History/computer. Writing is a way for me to relax and release tension. I express my feelings in songs or poetry.

Corona Virus Cell

 Corona virus
Corona virus | Source


A virus is a poison. They are contagious agents of illness. They affect human beings and animals. The spread of a virus is a common historical experience. Throughout man's history, viruses spread from one small community or country in the world. But scientists with their scientific tools have tried to find a vaccine or cure to stop the spread. A virus that spreads in the 21st century has not yet got a vaccine. Yet are being managed with a medicament that has solved a fever or flu. Health workers, doctors, and surgeons in particular are learning all they can to save a life.

In 1946. the Common Cold Research Unit Harvard Hospital Harham Down, Britain solicited volunteers in other to undertake research into the common cold. Thirty volunteers were accepted for the experiment. It was during this period that the human coronavirus was first isolated.


1. Virus spread.

2. Coronavirus pandemic.

3. The poem: corvid-2019.

4. Nutritional supplements.

5. Conclusion.

6. References.

How Virus Spread

Scientifically, the virus spread from a dirty environment. Therefore, keeping the environment clean is a most. More specifically, the virus spread from infect animals to human beings. It has been noted that the corona virus that infect mankind from brute beasts has significantly affect healthy animals in the zoo. The point of contact is the hands. nose, eyes, and mouth. The virus can infect the homes we live. Our cloths and cell phones, and other personal aid assistance are not exempt.

A Doctor or Health Worker

Health professionals are still learning about the corona-virus pandemic that is plaguing the whole world.
Health professionals are still learning about the corona-virus pandemic that is plaguing the whole world. | Source

Corona Virus Isolation

'In 1946, the Common Cold Research Unit at Harvard Hospital Harham Down, Britain solicited volunteers in other to undertake research into the common cold. Thirty volunteers were accepted for the experiment. It was during this period that the human coronavirus was first isolated'.-Miebakagh Fiberesima

Coronavirus Pandemic

Health professionals are still learning about the corona-virus pandemic that is plaguing the whole world. Starting from Wuhan, China, with the United States, Italy, and Spain in the lead. The plague has affected about 177 countries of the world.

Corvid-2019 is a deadly disease feared by the world Health Organization (WHO) as disease 'X' that would wipe out about 80 million persons.

Hand Washers and Sanitizers

Wash hands with soap or hand washer
Wash hands with soap or hand washer | Source

Increased Immunity

'The world would be a better place to spend money on increasing immunity from infections diseases with nutritional supplementation, namely vitamins C, D, and zinc, and the targeted use of medicine which includes the anti-malaria chloro-quine'. Bill Sardi

Nutritional Supplement

At this time of the global pandemic, healthy nutritional diets are a must in every household. Organic nourishing foodstuffs are more needed than ever. Fruits and vegetables matter, supplementary multivitamin capsules or tablets, especially vitamins C, D, and minerals like magnesium and zinc.

The Poem: Corvid-2019

World Pandemic

From Wuhan with

Virus love!

Sickness, ill health, and disease.

To the whole world.

What love!

The pandemic brings

Dry cough, fever, and difficulty breathing.

Some with mild cases recovered.

Some died.

The pandemic brings one love world.

Uniting countries as one to fight a devastating plague.

A Respiratory and Zoonote Disease

Corvid-2019 is a respiratory and contagious disease.

Cold, flu, symptoms.

Affecting man and beast.

From beast to man and,

From man to man.

And to beasts in the zoo.

Infection and Transmission

It sticks to your hands.

Transmitted in high-contact surfaces.

Your cell phone for 9 days.

It lives in airless rooms for days.

Your clothes are infected.

Prevention 1

Prevent coronavirus spread.

Wash hands with soap or a hand washer.

Under fresh running water.

Then sanitized your hands.

With 70% alcohol-based.

Perfumed with lavender, rose, lemon, and other herbs.

Sanitized cell phones, door handles, high contact surfaces.

Fumigate your sitting and living rooms.

Prevention 2

Prevent touching your

Eyes, face, and noses with your fingers.

Prevent shaking hands with friends.

Prevent coughing, sneezing.

While covering your mouth, and nose.

Prevent spiting openly.

Cough, sneeze, and spit into disposable tissues.

Wear a face mask strolling.

Prevention 3

Avoid touching high-contact objects on trains, buses, ships, and airplanes.

Sanitized your door handles daily.

Sanitized your furniture with hydrogen peroxide spray.

Prevention 4

Wash clothes with soap or detergent and rise in fresh running water.

Rise again in dilute Izal or Dettol water.

Spread to Sun to dry.

Prevention 5

Moderate intensive exercise.

Builds, develops, and strengthens the immune system.

Dilute citrus juice with ginger, and garlic.

Vitamin C, D, and Zinc.

enhance immunity.

Take responsibility and stay safe.


Take responsibility.

Stay safe and keep healthy.

Avoid small or big crowds.

Isolate yourself from sick or infected persons.

stay safe and keep healthy.

Man wearing face mask

Wear a face mask while you stroll
Wear a face mask while you stroll | Source

Cold or Flu Infection

Have you ever been infect with a cold or flu this year?

See results


The corona virus 2019 pandemic is a serious global challenge. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other health workers who are at the forefront of the fight against the virus scourge are being cut down by the illness in their prime or old age. It is the responsibility of every mature person to learn how to prevent its spread. Governments, countries, and corporations have equal responsibility in this fight to prevent the spread of the infection. It is world solidarity against corvid-19.


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2. Health Science and Physiology for Tropical Schools, by F. Daniel, Oxford University Press, London.

3. Science of Life Books, Melbourne, Victoria.

4. Human Corona virus

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Miebakagh Fiberesima


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