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Cosmic Light, a Spiritual and Cosmic Poetry book

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Katerina Kostaki is a Greek spiritual and visionary Author,Poet, Mentor,Broadcaster, Youtuber.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT (NETWORK).

Copyright and author Katerina Kostaki
Copyright and author Katerina Kostaki | Source
All rights  are reserved
All rights are reserved | Source

It was spring of 2008.

My first novel was published on 2007 on a small publishing house in Athens.

I had already launched my first webpage and published a few short articles on local newspapers.

In addition, I posted my first newsletters to a handful of followers.

It was an unexpected brand new life on the writing field and respectfully my name was given lots of chances to be seen on the Google Search Engine.

Not so bad for an author who started from the scratch.

On the days to come, I counted the insurmountable obstacles fixed by the close and non-close environment of mine and the innumerable denies and rejections by editors.

Cosmic Light
Cosmic Light
"Cosmic Light" is a spiritual book of poetry, written and published primarily in Greek language in Athens ~ Greece (October 2008) and re-published in English language on 2010. Its original title in Greek language is " Συμπαντικό Φως"/Sympantiko Fos (Latin). It's a hymn to Unconditional Love and Compassion, a legend for Eros and Soulmates, a new perspective of our cosmic origin and evolutionary path to Light that underlines humans' willing to reconnect with Cosmic Consciousness, a commitment with Destiny and Higher Good according to a Divine Plan. "Poetry is a vivid spiritual gate. However the magical sense that a reader derives from the poetic travelogue could be described but only an intellectual, Divine River of Dreams, Light and Unconditional Love"."~ Katerina Kostaki, Visionary author, poet, healer.

The Artist's Way and three morning pages

One of my interests apart of writing is reading.

It was one of the days I was out for book shopping.

On a well-known bookstore ,the bonus for buying two books over a certain price was a book chosen by the customer.

Eventually I chose a few books which miraculously were not available.

The lady behind the stall suggested me one that was available for the present moment and was not familiar to me (nor the author of the book).

I got all the books on a single bag and when I got home I decided to read the bonus book offered by the bookstore assistant.

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.The title of the book was really attractive.

I started reading the book and practicing the various exercises on the spiritual process of thinking.

It is amazing to think that suddenly one day after keeping writing the three morning pages for a week my hand wrote the first poem!

My poem "Compassion" was a long poem on my spiritual experiences and Unconditional Love and Compassion .

Life :Poem from the spiritual poetry book "Cosmic Light " by Katerina Kostaki


Place of Poems' Birth

About ten poems were written on my beloved Salamis Island (Greece) and the rest 40 during my family vacation to Skopelos Island and the referral islands.

What looks like a miracle is the fact that I decided to visit Skopelos in order to visit the nearest little island that was introduced on my first fantasy novel.

I wrote about the island 4 years ago without even having visited the island once.

The book was written without specific evidence, just a few images from net.

As soon as we got to the harbor I felt that I will be writing the next spiritual book of mine and it will be a poetry book.

Poems birth place

Skopelos Greece:
Skopelos, Greece

get directions

Copyright Katerina Kostaki All rights are reserved
Copyright Katerina Kostaki All rights are reserved | Source

Soul Invest and Higher Self

Honestly,the three morning pages suggested by the author Julia Cameron was just a boost into my creative source.

I was urged to go deeper inside my Soul invest and merge with my Higher Self.

Beyond any book assistance,I was reinforced to gain knowledge and Wisdom in ways that would rather complicated to explain on this hub.

On my workshops and attributes I have already given a glimpse of my re-connection with Infinite Consciousness, Forces of Light and Ancient Wisdom.

My will to Awaken human minds and re-build bridges to knowledge and consciousness has been a sacred task with forces beyond human perception.

On my spiritual poetry book many hidden truths underline the need for humanity to attune to higher vibrations and seek for Unconditional Love and Compassion.

Because Love is all about Life and continuation of Spiritual Evolution.

Cosmic Light


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