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Feline Comic Girls Cosplay

Updated on January 27, 2016

Everyone loves Cat-girls in comics! Especially when they are real!This feline cosplay girls have pointy ears, tails, sensual movements and a catty attitude. You definitely don't want to have a fight with these girls!
This is a list of five of the most prominent feline girls and women in comic books, accompanied by cosplay pictures of these superheroines/villainesses.

5. Cheetara

Cheetara of the thundercats. A Thunderian noble.
She uses a baton as weapon, is lovely, brave and cunning.
She looks a bit like a cheetah and has incredible speed in running and in combat.

Cheetara Cosplay
Cheetara Cosplay | Source

4. Tigra

A superheroine from the Marvel universe.
Before she mutated in Tigra in "Giant size creatures" No. 1 (1974) she was known just as The Cat, who had no superpowers. She was introduced in "Claws of the Cat" No.1 (1972).
Her real name is Greer Grant Nelson.

Tigra Cosplay by Krystle Starr
Tigra Cosplay by Krystle Starr | Source

3. Cheetah

The first villainess in this list. She is a character from DC comics who usually fights Wonder Woman.
She first appeared in Wonder Woman No.6 (1943). Throughout the ages different people have been known as Cheetah:

  • Priscilla Rich (golden age)
  • Deborah Domaine (silver age)
  • Barbara Ann Minerva (modern age)
  • Sebastian Ballesteros

Cheetah Cosplay
Cheetah Cosplay | Source

2. Black Cat

A Marvel Comics superheroine. She doesn't have any powers, but she is very skilled in fighting, acrobatics and burglary. She first appeared in "The Amazing Spider-Man" No. 194 (1979).Her real name is Felicia Hardy.

Black Cat Cosplay
Black Cat Cosplay | Source

1. Catwoman

Definitely the number 1 in this list: Catwoman. The best known of all feline heroes and villainesses.She is a sensually moving, whip cracking and tight suited burglar with a love/hate relationship with Batman. She first appeared in "Batman" No.1 (1940) as The Cat, a jewel-thief and burglar.
Her real name is Selina Kyle.

Catwoman Cosplay
Catwoman Cosplay | Source

Which feline heroine/villainess do you like best?

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