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Love Messiah.

Updated on September 1, 2015



Couchy Messiah

ima set love on fire.

Trust is for hire.

As long as you have some change, ain't nothing strange

The ladies flock, as fly as birds.

Yet love is a triangle, a pride led by lust, till dust is left

of the souls exsistance and philosophy.

I could never betray you.

Your heart was pure at birth.

So righteous you could never flirt with temptation.

You amazing.

Let us seal our commitment, have children, name them after our dreams

they can live in the realms of our reality.

Yet no man is promised tomorrow.

Let us find Heaven today, re incarnate tomorrow‎ in the bliss

of basking in today's glory.

We all have a story.

Is there truth in a happy ending?

Count your blessings.

Cherish your breathes.

Adore your exsistance.

Calculate your choices.

Eliminate regret.

Celebrate living in the moment.

gods Poet Nkosi


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