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Could Be A Long Time Coming

Updated on December 10, 2013

COULD be a long time coming

Before the minds of men meet and discover

New ways of resolving the angst of the human condition

New ways of creating joy in the hearts of all

And a new speak that can soothe the sorrow that prevails

In this mysterious world in which we oft' inevitably fail

And to comfort and give courage to all who would embark and set sail

On a path to a new existence not filled with whines and wails.

COULD be a long time coming

When the journey towards adult years

Is happily devoid of death and division

Of parents in whom a child has entrusted

His innocent life, his security and sense of optimism

COULD be a long time coming

When men and women comprehend one another

And cease to view the world merely through the eyes of their gender

Instead of through the eyes of Humanity

And through reason and sanity

That would see us equal in the pain we can endure

And the extent of joy we can give and receive

With the same inexhaustible ability to love unconditionally

COULD be a long time coming

When we accept that our days are numbered

And life is for living and loving unencumbered

And death will visit us no matter how fast we run

For there is an end to all things under the sun

But one day we will know that we have won

When we meet our Maker and feel His love

As we bathe in His light that awaits everyone.

© Copyright Maria D'Alessandro 2013. All Rights Reserved.

© 2013 Maria D'Alessandro


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      Nora 3 years ago from Ghana