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Country Bumpkins: 3rd in a series "Through Gods eyes"

Updated on August 4, 2013

Flowers along the way,

The forrest
The forrest

Through God's eyes

“What a beautiful day! God is so good to give us all these wonderful creations to look at,” whispered Clara Maye, as though she felt any loudness might take away the awesomness of the moment

"How in the world can she speak of “Seeing”?" thought Sally. "She hasn’t been able to see anything for years but still loves to go on these walks. If I couldn’t see I wouldn’t even dream of walking around through the woods like this. I’d be scared to death I might trip over something."

Picking up a leaf

“Sally, you don’t really enjoy these walks do you?” Clara Maye interrupted Sally’s thoughts.

“Of course I enjoy them. I love spending time with you, but I sometimes wonder how you seem to ‘see’ everything, though we both know you have very little sight left.”

Clara Maye walked slowly on down the path, reached out and picked a leaf from a bush. Raising it first to her nose then softly brushing it across her cheek she replied, “Sally, God allows us to see each creation through His eyes if we let Him. The fragrance we smell lets us know if the leaf is new and freshly grown or just a little difference lets us know it is older and about ready to fall to the ground. As we touch them we can also tell how they are shaped and the texture lets us imagine how it looks.”

A bird, a squirrel

“Another reason I love to walk through the woods, Sally, is the sounds of each creature that is watching us along the trail. As I hear the tender chirping of a bird or the scampering sound of a squirrel rushing to hide some treasure to be to be saved for the winter I know they are just a few of God’s little gifts for our enjoyment.”

“Wow, Clara Maye, I have never stopped to truly enjoy the woods in the way you do! Could we just sit down for a little while on this stump over here and maybe you would help me see it through your eyes for a little while. I think I’ve been missing out on lots of beautiful things by not using all the senses God gave me to use.”

Maybe God will open my eyes

“I am so glad that I moved into the house next to you, Clara Maye, and I hope you can find lots of time to hang out with me! Let’s pray together that God will open my eyes so that I can “See” as well as you do."

“Sally, I believe the scales have already begun to fall away", laughed Clara, "but I sure hope we can spend lots of time together in the future”.

“Now, lead me to that stump, give me a big hug and let’s pray, giving God thanks for bringing us together. I think He has plans for our friendship to become something very special.”

Give me a hug and lets go sit down
Give me a hug and lets go sit down | Source
the end of the day, a beautiful sunset--Rosebuds ready to open!  God's beauty!
the end of the day, a beautiful sunset--Rosebuds ready to open! God's beauty!


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