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Crabby Family of Crabby cove

Updated on October 21, 2015

The book may be re-released soon with a bit of luck.

The book is now available from
The book is now available from | Source

Published book

I am putting a chapter from my book online,hopefully it will be is due for release roughly April sometime.The picture next to this is the book cover that will be used,i did the pictures which are dodgy,but i don't claim to be an artist. The book will be released through the publishing company Author House.

Chillie woke up early one morning, everyone is his house was still asleep. He knew his Daddy was definitely sleeping as he could hear him snoring. Chillie got dressed and decided to go for a walk on the beach while everyone was still asleep. He opened the front door very quietly, as he didn't want to wake any of his family. He stepped out and closed the door as quietly as he could behind him, and proceeded to walk on to the beach. He looked left, and then he looked right. He decided to walk to his right. The beach went on and on as far as the eye could see. Chillie began walking slowly down the sea front. Not before long he could see something strange approaching him. As it got closer and closer Chillie became more curious. Then before he knew it, the strange object was right in front of him. "Hello, what's your name?"

The Beagles

I have started on a new set of books,it's about a family of Beagle dogs who live on a farm.there are 40 stories I have planned,ive written roughly 10 at the moment. As people can ,see I do struggle with the illustrations for the characters. I have to rely on my youngest daughter Niamh to do the drawings for me. She's studying art at school,and her drawings are amazing. The designs for the Crabby Family books I have to state weren't Niamhs,they are my amateur drawings,it was the first crab drawing i had done,so in the absence of a better one,i used it. The Beagle book set Niamh did the drawings for them,so if they ever go to print,people will see just how good her artwork is.

My kids book.

Crabby Family of Crabby Cove

i have stopped writing these books at the moment.i have written around eighty books,so I think I should concentrate on new projects now. This book has been out for many years now,it's available at all good book stores,easiest place to find it is on Amazon. It's pretty well priced,and is competitively priced. It's been reviewed by friends with kids,a schoolteacher from my kids school has a copy, and his two children get him to read it every night. I always think children are honest,they are by far the best judges of books for their if every child who has read my book say it's ok,I'm more likely to believe their reviews than any others.

New Ideas

As Well as the beagles and crabby family,I have several other children's books .hopefully I can find the time to write them. I have at least another six or seven children's book ideas rolling round in my head. The process is non stop.i never have a full nights sleep,as guarenteed as soon as my head hits the pillow,an idea pops in to my head. I know if I don't get up and write it down,I would forget. I have now started keeping a notebook next to my bed as I like to be able to jot down ideas while half kids have also been an integral part of the growth of my book ideas. When they were young,I would read stories before bedtime.when I ran out of books,I started making them up in my head on the spot.i gauged the kids responses,they told me I should get Crabby Family of Crabby Cove published. I wasn't sure about it at first,as i was scheptical if they were good enough. The first publisher I sent them to published it right away,so I was very happy with the outcome. So,now any ideas I come up with I always run them by my girls,if they say they are ok,then I follow up with more writing of them.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 5 years ago from glasgow

      With regards to self publishing,I paid a mimimal cost to the publishing,the publisher paid the rest.after working out a deal,I was more than happy with the result.

    • Cow Flipper profile image

      Sean Jankowski 7 years ago from Southern Oregon

      Sounds pretty good. I'm working on revising a story and turning it into a children's pop-up book from a work that was written almost a hundred years ago. The story was never published but handed down in our family. I want the book to have an audio CD for reading along as well. It is written in rhyme and easy to follow. All the illustrations are done by myself and it is narrated by my sister who is a musician.

      As far as publishing is concerned I am at a total loss as to how to go about it. I'm not really happy about the idea of self publishing, the money aspect gives me the creeps. Going at it with all the work we have put into this book and just sending it out to publishers (if they'd even take the manuscript and art) makes me feel very uneasy. I know I can go to an agency but again I'm leery about that as well. You have any advice?