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Crazy Work

Updated on June 20, 2016

Business As Usual

Doing my job

Empowering myself to do all I can

Keeping self motivated and focused

Over the top

Putting myself on speed dial

Watching others work

Thinking here we go

Pushing to the limit

When other people complain

Doing less instead of more

They figured out ways to cut corners and beat the system

Instead of applying themselves and going up and beyond

It is easy to get aggravated and disgusted

Managers running around

Cutting help even further

They are happy seeing the numbers

Stressed out because the pressure is on

After the shift

It's easy to block out all our hard work

All the things that happened

It is one way to move forward

Accepting the way things are

Things aren't going to change

It is what it is

A job that pays the bills

Turn my creativity to other pursuits

Where they can be appreciated and more rewarding

An excellent way to do things


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 23 months ago

      Nellieanna I proudly go to work and earn an honest living. Things could be different for better or worse. I think if I tune into my inner energy I can find things that make me feel better. No matter what happens in work and much I have little control over after eight hours I leave my job behind and know I have put my best efforts forward to achieve the best possible outcome. Then the next day I carry no past grudges I tackle any new situation with inspiration and creativity. I rely on my experience to kick in and make my day flow smooth. As I follow you with your difficult circumstances always thinking things will work out for the best. We are all changing and so is our work environment. With change comes growth.Thank you reading and sharing.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 23 months ago

      Gypsy Rose Lee I can't think of a better way to enjoy life sharing fun with family and friends. When you get back to writing you will be refreshed with new spirit and energy. Have a blast. Relax and take in all the sights and sounds. People will always make me smile. Especially children who love the joy of fireworks and dancing. Memories of this time can comfort you in the future if struggling or searching for answers. Thank you for sharing and caring.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 23 months ago from TEXAS

      Michael, your points are SO well taken! What you feel and see for a company arises from your vision and hands-on experience with it, interaction with both the employees and the customers. The way you view it is literally ‘organic’. But competing ideas for it are more ‘one-size-fits all’, so that they can be swiftly swept across a lot of stores and situations, not taking time to allow them to know the individual facts of each case and to grow and root solutions. Generally the new ways undermine the people and their potentials and contributions. Eventually, only those with the same electronic ‘plug in’ mentalities & methods will reman so it probably becomes the wave of the future. It almost seems to reflect what’s happening in the medical-care world and in other areas.

      In towns across the country, such as I grew up with, small businesses quickly became wiped out when the BIG chains moved in and undersold the family businesses that had been there and served for generations and had built the towns, organically, small steps at a time. So now it seems that the big chains further overshadow people’s individual initiatives even among their own employees in their own stores. So sad.

      It just so happens that I’m currently involved in some things along the same lines concerning my well pump at the ranch and the rural electricity which supplies it. It’s pretty involved so I won’t attempt to describe it, but it shows me how insidiously the current ways and wave of doing business have overtaken old ways which worked. Nothing REAL has changed at the customer-business level or the needed services, to call for the changes which only serve those making the changes (if they even benefit from them) while it dehumanizes and alienates both employees and customers.

      In the situations in which I’m now involved, they’ve complicated relatively simple situation procedures unnecessarily, except to cover their own legalities and to try to foolproof their ‘new’ setups, while giving a loyal long-term customer frustrating, expensive runaround. It’s bottlenecked the solutions.

      They know it is essential for me to have a working well pump and reliable electricity to the pump in order to have the water flowing to the troughs for the animals and to the cabin for its needs when anyone is there. They know how crucial timing is. They know how remote the place is and that I’m not full-time based down there, so my options are limited. But I refuse to be railroaded, meaning that I must back off enough to see it with perspective before I start filling out forms asking for inapplicable personal information which they surely have in my file if it’s pertinent, and before I start sending money for their ‘fishing expeditions’. There are costs for me, either way.

      So, at present I’m digging in my records to establish the history and I find that it’s sort of a spooky deja-vu situation, except that now their overall methods are much less people-to-people and it’s become more electronic, automated, and hard-nosed!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 23 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      I keep on writing and creating poetry but it seems I'm spinning in a circle. Now I'm about to fall behind again but for a good reason and at least a break from the ordinary. Tomorrow and Friday we have traditional Latvian holidays - Thursday Ligo night where you have fun, good food and light bonfires and Friday Janu day when the celebrating continues. This means people here have a four day weekend but by Saturday I will definitely be back on line or else it will get too crazy. These celebrations are like the Midsummer celebrations in some other European countries.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 23 months ago

      Shanmarie Would that be the general managers responsibility to see that all managers follow the same rules and guidelines ?Maybe it is too difficult to follow and keep track of and it's just the way it is. It's one thing to have two or three store follow the vision of the company but when there is a chain of hundreds of stores it could be next to impossible. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 23 months ago

      You are so right about that. The company keeps going with or without certain people. But I also think it has a lot to do with individual stores, like in a big chain. Ever notice how some stores in a chain seem to have better morale and customer service than others in the same chain? Even if managers on a corporate level truly care about their employees, if it is not passed down the chain it will be ineffective in certain locations.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 23 months ago

      Shanmarie You would think companies would value their good employees. Instead they use them like pawns expendable and only good when they need them. I don't think all companies run like this. I think there are many companies that have high standards and keep the employees in mind. Those who don't are short sighted and don't see the big picture. It is hard for anyone who has put years in a company to leave and find work elsewhere. Especially this day and age where many companies are downsizing.I always feel it is better to work than to be unemployed. Change takes time and a good worker as well as a good manager will see it through experience and the company will benefit in the end. Companies wouldn't be around for years if they weren't doing something right. Sometimes we have to take a back seat and let things happen for the good or bad. My priorities have always been family first. I will continue to go to work and do my personal best and devote my extra energy and focus to other issues in my life that will serve me better. I once heard a saying if you give everything to a company for years and years when you are gone the company moves on. Almost as if you never exsisted. A sad reality of business. Business is business. Thank you for reading and sharing. Nellieanna The biggest problem I have is I see great potential in everything I do and want other people to see the same. I like to think it is like looking at a chalk board and thinking of all the things we can draw. Someone else comes along and says I have a power point presentation with the latest technological advances and can give statistics and videos, charts, diagrams with a live feed all in three d. I can't compete with that. I can come up with original ideas that are not just facts and figures but tremendous ways to develop and continue to grow and expand. Giving jobs and careers to men and woman of all ages. So they can provide for their families and contribute their abilities and talents. Giving back to others who are less fortunate and deserving. All in a rainbow of colors and with that small beginning we can all share the American Dream. I would rather have a thousand people scribble on the chalk board and each of us contributing a little bit in making something new and extraordinary than being a copy cat of the same old routine and patterns. That are acceptable but not beneficial to people and society. Thank you both for reading and sharing.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 23 months ago from TEXAS

      Good for you! Keep on keepin' on, I'd Michael. Doing your work to your own satisfaction is vastly the more satisfying to you!

      It's been awhile since I worked for others, but there were various things that were less than ideal in the work situations. But I'd always been sort of a loner, pursuing personal interests that required a lot of focus and concentration, so I just did my work for others pretty much the same way and got it done. If it meant doing part of someone else's work who wasn't fully doing theirs, I just did it for the sake of the end result for which I was responsible or took responsibility for. There were times when I had to adjust my method and/or presentations to the situation in order to move ahead with them to get the end results, but it was just part of the challenge.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 23 months ago

      Well, I can tell you from my experience that it is not just the "young folks" that don't care. While I have no doubt that many are not raised to take the same pride and value their work, the are many from my generation to yours and beyond that are the exact same way. I think maybe it's not that these people do not value their job. But, like you, when management does not seem to care or to recognize, it has the opposite effect. It becomes just a job to which the minimum to get by is enough.

      Personally, I like to try to take into account the varying personalities. For some people, certain things come more naturally than others. Or there may be physical limitations. . .other factors we may not be aware of. One of my bosses can get snappy sometimes, but she tries not to be. She does. And she's good about trying to recognize when people are doing things they should be or better than they should be. Some think she complains and grumbles a lot. And sometimes she does. But I've also learned that she will tease people she likes if they take her with a grain of salt. The complaining comes most of the time from other pressures from higher management, when we complain, customers complaining. And she has a tumor or something that causes headaches that she just has to suffer through even at work.

      And then you have evaluations from people who do not always see the extra effort put in because they do not work when you are able to do these extra things or they are too busy to really notice. That's frustrating because those evaluations determine the raises. They also determine morale levels of the employees. And I'm one who will accept an honest constructive criticism. I do not make excuses or lie when I have not done something even if my reasons are not acceptable to their standards. So it is particularly frustrating when I know I'm doing something I'm told I don't do enough, especially by comparison to what others are and aren't doing.

      They had a meeting in which various people were given awards of appreciation and one person, in particular, was given an award that hadn't even bee there six months. Some of my coworkers were more than annoyed by that because they see the work he does not do. He is inside more than outside doing his job, yet the upper management sees his interacting with customers as customer service while others see it as being somewhat lazy. It's all a matter of perspective, I suppose. As is everything else in life.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 23 months ago

      Shanmarie Here it is just one day since everything took place and management doesn't acknowledge that yesterday even happened. Boy does that burn my hide. They feel they don't have to do anything and that's what they do nothing. They don't even take the simple time to congratulate their coworkers for working so hard. They are too busy working on today and new problems that have come their way. I have to give myself distance so I don't say or do anything that puts me on the radar. There are so many more better ways to spend my time. Thank you for reading and sharing. It is nice to explain and compare how we each see and view our own situations.

    • shanmarie profile image

      shanmarie 23 months ago

      I'm beginning to think it's like that just about everywhere. People cutting corners and such. I'd love to be my own boss again some day! But. . . then again, I am just glad to have a job with health benefits and other perks that I would not have elsewhere. So I try not to complain when I get criticized for not doing something enough when I am one of the few who actually does it at all. Or that there is not always enough consistency in management protocol, which makes it harder for us to be consistent with the customers and then they take their frustration out on us. At least you can still take pride in your own work and have personal satisfaction. Plus, it pays the bills so that you can write.


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