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How to Create a Poetic Scrapbook

Updated on June 4, 2012
Antique camera and heirloom scrapbook.
Antique camera and heirloom scrapbook.

Adding poetry to a scrapbook of memories will help you preserve more than just pictures of your life and experiences, it will allow you to capture the emotion of the event, people or places involved. Pictures may be worth 1,000 words, but a poem can touch your soul and spark your memories with substantial power.

You can write your own poems, letters or journal entries to accompany your photos, or you can use the words of others, that you feel capture the feeling of the moment. You will find links to the lower right that will aid you in finding the perfect quotation or poem for the occasion.

A grandmother enjoys her memory book.
A grandmother enjoys her memory book.
Memoir Scrapbook
Memoir Scrapbook

Ideas For Creating and Using Poetry and Journaling in Scrapbooking

  • When crafting a scrapbook for a baby or child, include a love letter. Recall how you felt before they were born, and how your life has changed since their arrival. Include their favorite nursery rhymes, songs, or excerpts from their favorite story.
  • For a child’s scrapbook, adapt their favorite Seuss story to include their name, the town you live in or other personal factors to make it personal.
  • Create an alphabet scrapbook for your toddler. Take pictures of him / her exploring the world and organize it alphabetically. Write a little alphabet poem to follow page by page. (See example below)
  • Create a wedding scrapbook and include the lyrics to your wedding song, your vows, favorite poems and well wishes from cards you received. Find a classic love poem that expresses your feelings accurately or write a love letter to your spouse, recalling the day, the preparations, or the commitment made.
  • Create a family history album and include a poem from noted poets of each particular time period you are illustrating. If you have pictures of your ancestors at Ellis Island, you could use the verse found on the Statue of Liberty, or a poem or song lyrics about freedom.
  • Create a memoir scrapbook for a loved one, such as a parent or grandparent. Include pictures for their childhood and early years accompanied by lyrics from their favorite old songs. Write a letter or poem expressing how much they mean to you, and how they have influenced your life. View example below.
  • Create a memorial scrapbook to honor someone you have lost. Include letters they have written, write about their influence in your life, or include a poem that expresses how deeply you miss them.

Focus on expressing your feelings; don’t worry about writing a poem in perfect form, or whether your grammar is correct. Just have fun with it. You may surprise yourself!

Basic Scrapbooking

Digital Scrapbooking


This is an excerpt from the alphabet book I wrote for my daughter. Each line can accompany a picture of your children exploring the world around them.

Toddler Town – An Alphabet Book

Hi! My name is Chloe

I love living in this town.

Here are thing I see and do

When mom takes me around.

A is for this Anthill. Mommy says to leave it be.

B is for this little bridge, a perfect size for me

C is for the church, I wish I could ring the bell

D is for the dentist who cares for teeth so well!

E is for the elementary school, where I will learn great things.

F is for the fisherman and the tasty food he brings.

Here is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to my grandmother, to be included on the front page of a memoir scrapbook I created for her 89th birthday. I am including it to illustrate how easy it can be to use questions for the reader to answer as an effective method of communicating a point.

If someone were to ask me who the most influential person in my life has been –well- you know the answer!

Who has always loved me?

Who has nurtured me and supported every little dream I have ever dreamed?

Who read to me for hours and told me tales both true and tall?

Who would always listen, no matter what I had to say?


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    • ShonEjai profile image


      7 years ago from California

      there are gret ideas for making scrapbooking more special and unique. thanks.

    • profile image

      Poetic Fool 

      7 years ago

      Amy, I really like this idea and can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself. Thanks so much!

    • amy jane profile imageAUTHOR

      amy jane 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks jldodge! Now if only I could find the time to scrapbook's been a while and I miss it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Earth

      I love Scrapbooking, adding love letters and poetry just seems like a natural way to spruce it up. Great ideas !!

    • amy jane profile imageAUTHOR

      amy jane 

      10 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks MasonsMom :)

    • MasonsMom profile image


      10 years ago from U.S.A.

      Good ideas!

    • amy jane profile imageAUTHOR

      amy jane 

      10 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks Rainbow! I am more comfortable with the writing side myself. I think digital scrapbooking is also fun if you are not into the cutting / pasting / sticker / stenciling side of scrapbooking.

    • RainbowRecognizer profile image


      10 years ago from Midwest

      This is really useful info! Thank you! I have yet to create official scrapbooks like so many... but this gives me inspiration as I love poetry :o)


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