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Create Your Own Webcomic

Updated on February 20, 2011

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Try And Create Your Very Own Web Comic

For many the idea of creating their own web comic is just very awe inspiring and soething that becomes a chore rather than an amazing comic book project that it first started out as, but this needn't be the case what with more and more easier ways of getting your comic out there on the web. The Internet provides a way of many possible web comic formats, such as the ebook format created through PDF, but there are many other possibilities for your own web comic if you are serious about creating one.

The number one advantage of doing your own web comic is that it won't get censored, because you are in control of the content and how it will look and therefore, all you have to provide is the relevant warnings of horror or violence within or on the cover or any advertising and that's it, plus doing everything yourself has some creative rewards, because you are taking full credit for the success if any of the web comic and so any future deals will be easier to make without any other partners involved such as comic book companies, as they will take a cut of all profits and you could be left with peanuts.

If you look online right this minute, you will find many web comics that are written and drawn to many different themes and story topics, some deal with relationships, while others deal in science fiction and fantasy, while others are fan based web comics that exist to honour a specific art form such as Manga or traditional American comics. But reading between the lines there are vast amounts of brilliant web comics out there that don't get noticed because the comic creators don't know how to market or they purely create web comics for enjoyment and don't really care for notoriety.

Some new web comics fade after a few short months, because either enthusiasm fades for the project from their creators or no one finds it that interesting to download or read online, some become quite popular however as more and more websites are able to share links through social media and to friends and other contacts on other networks, which makes it far easier for some web comics to go viral and spread all over the world. You never know what things will be of interest when this viral marketing just happens and your web comic suddenly becomes popular.

If you've ever wondered about creating your own web comic, then it is about time that you actually got on with it, because there is no time like the present for creating a web presence with your characters and artistic vision, the only obstacles I suppose are how to create one and how to ensure that it actually gets read.

First though you do need a plan, a way of tying everything together, so that your web comic is readable, you need characters and a story that will help push the characters through, maybe you have a series of adventures that you can string together. Your characters do need to be believable and carry traits and personalities that sit well for the story and that each character can bounce off the other well.

Sometimes when researching about your characters you may like to look at real life characters that you know, so you could base some of them on them, this makes the process easier and you can then point out at a later date that these now popular characters were based on your friends and family. Once you have an idea of the characters, it is best to sketch ideas for how they will look, you can do this with character descriptions and other notes that you may have.

Try and do a check through many of the major comics and even web comics and see if your idea is original, because you don't want to do all his work and realise that your web comic ideas are a subconscious rip off of someone else's work, as it won't go down well with the other comic creators.

Other sites recommend that you have a good little archive of comic books, so that you have a body of work that can easily be browsed through your website and this builds a professional layer of work that can be read and enjoyed and further comics will be looked forward to by any new and existing readers and also by providing a few comic books that can be drip fed to your audience you can then be working on future instalments of your story arcs, this is similar to the scheduled blog post function on most blogs, always work in advance, so you have to stuff to fill in for when you are working on more.

When thinking of the layout of your comics, try and come up with a standard for the panels, maybe your comic fits the more general layout of comic strips and so a three panel page layout may be ok for each page and this will become the standard, but if you have a more complex comic book layout like the traditional American comic books or Manga comics, then the page panels will be different on each page and so you'll have to plan this out beforehand with small thumbnail sketches.

The computer comes in quite handy for when you want to scan the pages in and work on neatening the pages and also adding the speech bubbles on your PC or Mac is neater and can save time for you, usually right at the end of your comic book creation process.

A good website is essential for you to host your comic book efforts, there are some php content management scripts that work quite well for managing your comic book content, or you could host it all on a blog, the choice is up to you, but you do need to consider ordering your comic book content into a readable format, such as an ebook or PDF, so that it is easier to read.

Writing new comic content and stories is very important and you'll need to work in time for this as the busier you get, the more you won't have time to write the stuff,so just make the time t write and indeed draw the comic

When it comes to promoting your comic book online, there are ways to promote it with other websites that have categories and other means to list your comic book and it's just a case of finding them by doing a search online. Forums and other online spaces were comic books get talked about could be another way of letting people know about our web comic, the more people that read your comic the better chance you'll have of getting it read by others via viral methods.

Making your own web comic isn't easy, but it is for the people who dream of getting their comic book creations out there and viewed by fans of the genre, so give it a try and create your very own web comic.


Create Your Own Web Comics

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