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How To Create A Catchy Article Title

Updated on April 20, 2010
Create a catchy article title
Create a catchy article title

Article Marketing

Article marketing when done properly is the most powerful and cheapest methods of website promotion & advertising.

Though the Internet has evolved from the "information super highway" to entertainment, shopping, and huge business it is still used mostly for information. The web is the average persons only source of obtaining information that they need on a daily basis.

It has become a information source for any and everything you can imagine, and if you can provide information on a subject that many people are seeking than you have an endless amount of opportunity. I

f you know what people are searching for, than you know there desires and needs. This knowledge will allow you to provide solutions to a large number of people, and people are more than willing to pull out there wallet for products and services that will make their life easier.

Creating an article title
Creating an article title

Article Title

You can create the best and most informative article ever written, but if your title doesn't intrigue the reader they will pass right by it. The title of your article is just as important, as the information you provide in the content. The article title is what makes the reader decide if they are interested in reading it or not.

Retailers that you see in everyday life use methods to catch the eye of potential customers. For example you may ride by a car lot and see colorful balloons, or cars on ramps. Have you ever tried to purchase the nicest most expensive car on the lot, only to have the salesman try to talk you in to something else? Wouldn't this be the one they are just dieing to sell? after all its the most expensive. Not really, because this car is getting people to stop, and of course the average person can't afford it, but once they have them on the lot they can sell them anything.

While this is an entirely different line of work the same method applies. Create an article title that is enticing to potential readers. It's important to think outside the box. You only have one short phrase to explain what your article is about, why the article is useful to the reader, and to spark the readers curiousity.


A Creative Example

Though this may be a bit cheesy for lack of a better term, it is creative and different none the less. This gets your attention, and you immediately know what he has to offer.
Though this may be a bit cheesy for lack of a better term, it is creative and different none the less. This gets your attention, and you immediately know what he has to offer.

Article title tips

  • Capitalization of the first letter in each word is a great way to make your title stand out catch the eye.
  • Be short and precise using descriptive words using a adjective. Ex. Awesome Methods To Grow A larger pumpkins.
  • Don't be to general with your categories. Remember the point is to promote your website. If you have a website about gardening and a article about gardening than one will be seen no more than the other. Create one website about a general category, and many articles on sub categories.

  • Be sure to use your main article keyword in the title.

  • Use peoples curiosity to your advantage to make people want to know what you are writing about. Remember the "I love you bug" from a few years ago. This virus crashed so many computers because people just had to read that message.

  • Controversy creates massive amounts of page views. Have an opinion that is different than others? Write it as a fact in your title! Ex. "Obama Will Destroy The United States" People get very controversial on matters such as religion, abortion, politics, etc. These articles will spread like wildfire.


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      6 years ago


    • knslms profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Nice observation, Laura maybe you have something productive to share next time. I will guess that using your time to search for negativity is a sign of lots of time on your hands. I would certainly rather spend my time making mistakes rather than pointing out those of others to hide from my own. Thanks!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      So many grammatical errors in an article about writing!

    • vrachel profile image


      9 years ago

      This is very good. I like it.


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