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Creating eBooks

Updated on August 30, 2011


Besides making money in the real estate market and my other online and offline ventures I have also found another great way for writers to make money fast. I am sure you already know about eBook selling online, but how about creating and selling your own eBooks which means nobody to split the profits with that equals a larger share of the pie for yourself and that online success you dream of. Many writers get frustrated when taking on jobs writing for others because pay is on a per assignment basis. By creating your own eBooks’ based on your own ideas you’d be doing something that’s more enjoyable and profitable. As a writer, as a serious writer I would bet you have all kinds of ideas on what kind of eBooks you’d like to create and put out there in the market. The only problem most writers face is the fact that they are afraid to take chances on themselves. Think about it, you’ve been writing on hubpages and other websites for a very long time, many of you have written on the same subjects, you could compile all your pages into a single eBook and profit from your knowledge of certain subjects as simple as baking a cake.


My first eBook was written on the topic of creating traffic to websites, I made it a very interesting forty pages about paid traffic and free traffic with resources. My next step was to get it out there in the market and hope and pray that it did well; I guess my instincts were right because within the first two weeks at a price of only ten dollars per copy I had sold over sixty copies and collected my pay through PayPal. Many people were out there searching for ways to create traffic to their websites and although they could have browsed the internet everyday for hours upon hours at a time, they chose to purchase my eBook where they found the information and resources they were looking for all in one place. This is another part of my success story, so why don’t you really get started on yours.

Creating an eBook is not something you have to be a genius at, just find something that many people are searching for online or write about anything you think people may be interested in. You can do this; don’t worry about formatting or designing templates because it’s very easy to do that as well. EBooks’ are all over the internet and the successful ones make a killing, I know that makes you a little bit jealous but it’s time to throw jealousy out the door. Not many successful people are going to tell you how they came to be the successes they are today so when even one decides to let you in on the real deal, you should be open to it.


By creating your own eBooks’ you never have to worry about at home work scams; you never have to worry about meeting deadlines or even shipping anything. It’s amazing what you can do on the computer these days, but hey it’s nothing if people waste their time away doing nothing. When doing those freelance jobs writing for others, you come across some difficult people that don’t pay you enough for your time but want you to perform extra in helping them to create something to make money, why haven’t you created something for you to make money? Put your time into you, you can decide your own success plus you’ll have works out there that are yours without having to hand over copyrights to someone else. Aren’t you tired by now of others profiting from your work?

Do you want to be the angry writer for the rest of your life? Do you want to be waiting on adsense to payoff for yourself forever? It’s up to you to take this next step to further your success and speed it up. I see comments left by writers or people who call themselves writer everyday here on hubpages, comments that someone’s work has been stolen, comments on where to find writing jobs online, comments on earning from Google adsense and complaints. Stop for a minute, you know what you could be doing but yet you choose not to do it. And why shouldn’t you be one of those people who earn from your material? Everybody is always going to put themselves and their family before you so its time you started doing the same. It’s only when you help yourself that you can be in a real position to help others, I had to learn the hard way and now everything has worked out beyond my expectation that’s why I hardly have time to write on blog pages now.

If you’re sitting in front of the computer everyday or browsing the internet for freelance jobs then writing an eBook is exactly what you need. No more waking up in the morning checking your email all day looking to see if a client has chosen you for a job just to end up with disappointment, just create your own job for goodness sake.

With the eBook starter software you can self publish your own eBooks’ in the right professional formats with the best templates and security. The software takes the hard part out of creating eBooks so you can do what you love which is to write, it even edits your works. So you see as I have said creating an eBook cannot be any easier and there’s even a free demo to show how easy it is to do this and make your own eBook successful seller track record.


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