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Creative Inspiration Creative Writing Ideas

Updated on August 4, 2017

For creative inspiration, an enthusiastic and kindly mentor can make such a difference in our lives

The writer at seventy-four.
The writer at seventy-four.

Someone who inspired me

Welcome to Creative Writing Ideas.

"You've Got the Gift, Son."

By Tom Ware.

"You got the gift, son." These few words set me off on a lifetime of Creative Writing and inspiration. They were said to me by a seventy-year-old retired school teacher; someone who inspired me. Harold W was his name. Financial circumstances had forced Harold back into the workforce, so he'd taken up a position in a privately run evening college close to where I lived. I was thirty at the time. And as I'd left school at fourteen, and had never achieved much of anything academically, I was sort of 'smitten' by this casual remark. I wasn't used to praise.

It became clear that I needed to improve my lot

These circumstances came about because now, as a married man with three children, it became clear to me that in order to improve my lot, I needed at least a modicum of higher education. I was uneducated. Or so it seemed. So in 1966, I decided to sit for my 'Leaving Certificate. This was the minimum entry qualification to get into university in those days. In order to study successfully, I enrolled at The Power Teaching College, and took lessons a couple of times a week in the evenings. It was there that I met my benefactor, Mr. Harold W, retired school teacher extraordinary.

My mentor was home taught by his mother, yet was an honours graduate a university

I say extraordinary because Harold told me that he'd been educated at home by his mother. He'd never gone to an ordinary school. No, Harold went straight from these home teachings into Sydney University. He passed with honours, too! So his Mum must have had something going for her - as, quite obviously, had Harold. Harold's mother had lived in the Blue Mountains, and apart from his residence in or around Sydney Uni during his college days, Harold lived there all his life. I think he was a widower, because on the one time I visited his home there was no woman around.

Harold was an English teacher. That he was a good English teacher, I have no doubt. For he had the ability not only to punctuate, correct and edit, but also a deep understanding of life and an ability to enthuse those whom he taught.

Make the most of Creative Inspiration and Creative Writing Ideas - write!

One of the first things I had to do when I attended the Power Coaching College was to write an essay. They wanted to assess my ability. Actually, what was asked of me was to write a story. Well, as it so happened, I had recently returned from Papua New Guinea, where I'd been employed as an Aeradio operator; an exciting job which involved the operational side of air transport. So I promptly wrote a short story about a light aircraft getting into a situation of distress over the jungles of New Guinea, something I'd been privy to on the odd occasion. The story, apparently, was good, hence those magic words,

"You've got the gift, son."

I was talked into my first major project: a 60,000 word novel

Because of Harold's encouragement, I launched into my first big project, a 60,000 word novel called, "Searchtime Expired." In those days, of course, there were no such things as word-processors and P.C.s. I had to type the whole things manually on a little Olivetti portable typewriter, with three quarto-size pieces of paper sandwiching two sheets of carbon. This had to be double spaced for correction, and was known at that time as "a first draft."

When this first draft was labouriously completed, one would put it aside for a few weeks to gather some objectivity, then re-read, penciling in numerous corrections in those blank spaces between the type-written lines- and lo! All right.... Second draft, here we come! By the time one had re-typed a second time, Harold would be prepared to at least give it the once over.

Someone who really inspired me

"Ah, this bit here... "Ah, pathos without bathos - I like that." Half the time I didn't know what my good teacher was talking about, but eventually the manuscript was finished. I won't talk about publishers here, though. Makes for too much emotional upheaval. But to this day I think "Searchtime Expired" is pretty good.

Still, to get back. Harold was someone who inspired me. He encouraged. He cajoled when one became despondent. He kept me interested. He kept me at it. Creative writing and inspiration, Harold was the catalyst.

Creativity is not a thinking process

Today, at seventy-four, I've probably written two or three million words: three novels, an autobiography, nearly a dozen works of non-fiction, short stories, poems, essays, even three film scripts. Then there are the hundreds of personal letters sent to friends. Today, words fall off the ends of my fingers through this computer keyboard's keys instinctively. They spring, for much of the time, from that somewhere, that something, which is so much more profound than the ordinary manifestations of our cerebral processes. Creativity isn't thinking. I'm sure of that. After all, does a poet really believe that he or she "thinks up" a poem. No! It comes into the 'tool-of-mind' of one who is intuitively open and ready for it. It comes to the sensitive. You could say that the All Mighty presents the ideas, and the writer uses his or her craftsmanship.

Harold didn't say this. But it was inferred, I think. Inferred by that simple sentence he said to me so long ago, that sentence which has had so much influence down the years.

"You've got the gift, son."

Keep writing. Just keep on writing.

I hope that you enjoyed Creative Inspiration Creative Writing Ideas. Also, I hope you enjoyed this little story about someone who inspired me. Who knows: You might be inspired in similar fashion.

Keep smiling.



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  • anusha15 profile image

    Anusha Jain 6 years ago from Delhi, India

    I marked this hub awesome - I was in such high spirits after reading your experiences. I marked this hub beautiful - you feeling for your mentor, the one who inspired you are more than beautiful. I marked this hub useful - while it would inspire anyone and prove its worth much more than the time required to read, for anyone who has low spirits it would be just naturopathy. :) I'm glad I came across your hub.