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Walls of Art

Updated on November 3, 2016

Strained bare, old fashioned lights of staged incorruptibility infiltrates behind and beyond peace. Walls of art, find the heart to rape her once again. She is your whore upon time-frame and reason. Leisurely intentions of bedridden principles, she watches the prodding of sheets swooshed. Moist cheekbones with raised humiliation, I am here, draped upon this wall. Art is her heart, never to be broken and my chains reign tall. Lights endure to dance their way on down and there she is, wall of art, raped exquisiteness for father at home. Mother’s virginity long gone with the winds of 1981. Walls of art, exploitation in the corner withstanding, my heart is caught and my art continues to route. Forsaken, dirty and free, she hangs liberated. Wall of art, another day unobserved.


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