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Critique My Writing

Updated on January 10, 2012

I've always loved getting feedback from those who read my poems and other things I write. My issue lately is every time I make a new hub and it's a poem I always end up not classifying what type of poetry it is. I just consider my poems as free verse. Excluding the specific poems that I've written for assignments and such, following a certain type of poetry's guidelines. For example one poem I wrote called "Daydream" is written as a Shakespearean sonnet would be. When I write I don't give myself any restrictions besides when I purposefully make a rhyme. So I figured I could get other's to see what they would classify the majority of my poems as. I'm asking anybody this question that wants to answer it. Also if anyone wants to give any sort of advice to me or any other feedback, I'd love for you to do so.


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