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Cross That Forgives

Updated on March 26, 2016

Jesus Christ 20/01/2016

The Christ the Lord, the Christ of God

The Chosen Blessed One, the Chosen Son of God

Christ the Power and the wisdom of God

The Bread of Life, the gift of God.

Emmanuel Jesus Christ of Nazareth

First born among many brothers from dead

The Living Stone, the Cornerstone, the glory and consolation of Israel

You'll never get thirsty, if you drink from His well.

He's the Son of Abraham, Man and the Almighty

He's the Alpha and Omega, an eternity

He's the Morning Star, The Prophet and The Teacher

He's the Servant and the Shepherd, The Greatest Leader Ever.

He's the True Vine and the righteous branch of the Lord

He's the sure foundation, the king, the Lamb of God

He's the Judge, The Mediator and the Advocate

He's the Author of Salvation and the Perfecter of Our Faith.

He's the branch from Jesse, the Apostle and the High Priest

He's the Rider on the white horse who will destroy the beast

He's the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the Light of the Gentiles

He's the Deliverer, the Last Adam desired of all Nations.


He's our Passover, holiness, One and Only

Our righteous Prince of Life and His Peace is so Heavenly

Our Rising Sun, Rock, Radiance of God's Glory

He's the second man, Master, Root and offspring of David in the History.

He was born of a virgin named Mary who was His mother

But Joseph was not His father, but God is His Father

Jesus' life didn't begin in the manger, Jesus always existed

He became a bridge to save us back to God from the bottomless pit that separated.

He hung upon the cross, became a substitute for my sins

God's love is wide enough to embrace all persons

Only through Jesus Christ man can go to the Father God

As Jesus Christ is the visible likeness of the invisible God.


Life I See 26/03/2016

My Georgie Porgie Jilaji is my favourit Grandpa

He's my father's dad whom I used to call as Dada

I was very close to him as I adored him

I used to play and put nice hairstyles on him :)

Whenever I see squirrels he's the one who comes into my mind

After I was operated, eating was one of the hardest as a child

So he used to put bread pieces onto the tied rope around the tree

Like they nibble I was to eat just to make me strong and to be free.

When he passed away, I was so sad as I lost a good friend

The one whom I imitated, so fond of till the end

As he used to tell me stories of whom he met

And I enjoyed all the motor bike rides with him to the market.

During the week that he died, two more people died

Princess Dianna had a terrible car ride

How sad it is to know a beautiful loving lady such as her died

I just hope she's in heaven as she was very kind.

I really liked the song that sung to her as a tribute

Just like the Marilyn Monroe's song for her funeral

I enjoyed listening to Elton John's songs back then

Later I was sad knowing that he got married to a man.

Well, Christians do not hate 'LGBT' people

Each has a different struggle with the evil

It's that, it's out of the normal that God has created

Even the human body parts are not meant the way it's activated.

I believe that God created one male and one female

To be united within the marriage ring and not a fairy tale

God is a God who is more of a Family oriented God

He's a Father who wants best and doesn't want us to be eternally killed.

I admire Ellen, the witty charming humorous lady on the show

It's her encouraging optimistic spirit that I love in her more

But I do not approve of same gender marriage

As it doesn't bring any reproduction but only damage.

I believe its a choice and a decision to stay single or married

To act or not to act upon one's feelings. how oneself is carried

In the Old Testament God clearly didn't like and destroyed same gender behaviour

But He knows that humans are weak, so He sent His Son to be our Saviour.

Jesus Christ who died for our sins, our weaknesses paid in full for all

He accepted us just the way we are as His love is for all

It makes Him sad to see people going to eternal damnation

When people doing things unnatural to the normal order of the creation.

'LGBT' Rights are because of the people who think of humanity

Christians do not hate people but the acts are sinful according to the Christianity

Christians bother about the soul which would die for an eternity

That's why they try to save people in spite of temporarily pleasure in humanity.

In the end, the life I see will one day vanish and maybe become a memory

Within me as I build the Faith in Jesus Christ when I read and try to practice it daily

I just thought of sharing that whoever you may be, Jesus Christ loves you and me

The guilt, the shame, the pain He took them all and gave His acceptance willingly.

Happy Easter Everyone! May God bless you ! :)


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 8 months ago from The Caribbean

      RD, I admire your profession of faith in your first poem, and your moral attitude as expressed in the second. So happy that you stressed love and forgiveness.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 23 months ago from Stillwater, OK

      Humanity was given flaws for a reason, no matter what they are. It is a reminder that they are not perfect, and have no right to act as such.

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 24 months ago

      Thank you RJ Schwartz :) God bless you!!

    • RJ Schwartz profile image

      Ralph Schwartz 24 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

      Nicely done with a lot of passion.