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Crossroad Blues

Updated on April 26, 2013

From the 2013 Falling Skies Collection

Crossroad Blues

I find myself at a crossroad

Right dead in the center

How I even arrived here

Is unbeknownst to me

And yet I'm stuck with the choice

North, south, east, west

Shall I take the road less traveled

Be adventurous and wonder

Or the road quite battered

Trait and proven tragic

Or shall I immerse myself

In the abyss of two unknowns

I hear one leads to such and such

And the other, I don't know

Im standing in this crossroad

No maps that show these roads

Funny how life can crack you

Just when you get control

I worked to get this far

Yet its been undone in seconds

Its destroyed all I love

And ended all my best inceptions

I'm standing in this crossroad

The devil's children staring

I think she finds it funny

That I'm standing here and praying

But I'm going on my own path

Let's see how far I make it

Life is full of chaos

We try so hard to shake it.

He's another poem I plan on adding to the collection. I hope to have it completed by the fall.


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