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Crust Vol. 3

Updated on June 4, 2010


The snow capped peaks atop the Katiki mountains, forbidding sentinels spanning for as far as the eye could see, perfect reminders of the cold and intolerant government, of not only the planet Deka, but of the the entire Calvaritis star system.

The Calvaritis system is comprised of fifteen planets, a handful of which are inhabited worlds, which for three centuries have enjoyed the discovery of one another, and with that discovery also came the knowledge of their shared similarities in chaos and war.

Seven species, possessed of sentient intelligence, learned quickly of their prejudices and resentments toward one another, and the consequential atrocities that came from them quickly brought forth the formulation, imposition and naming of Calvaritis law.

"Day dreaming, again?"

It wasn't a question, so much as a statement of fact.

Telbur turned to acknowledge the petite and flowing figure of his mate, flittering about their apartment, tending to her daily activities.

She paused, sensing the lock of his loving and penetrating gaze. "You're going to be late again.", she said, playfully scolding her husband, knowing full well that his mind was a million light years from the tasks of the day.

"The simposium?" He knew what he would be late for, but offered, "That's today?"

"Stop playing with me, Telbur.", she returned, tossing a pillow from the chair she had just refreshed.

Another excuse to be late, Telbur thought.

"You know how important this trade commission is to the Calvaritis alliance."

Gleening a cheshire smile at his pleading wife, he began to slowly creep in her direction.

                                                                     * * *

"...and there just aren't anymore resources to devote to that wasteland of a planet."

Immediate uproar from the Kalliti ambassador and his subordinates, joined by the outrage at the indifference and lack of compassion toward a less developed world.


"Order!", came the overbearing and graveled voice of High Chancellor Othrox, through the speaker system.

Slowly, the cries of outrage subsided, and all eyes fixed upon the bulbous figure, standing upon the dias, visibly disturbed by the speech of Grum Vladlis, of the Hestrom alliance.

The Hestrom alliance, an alliance of three species, spanning three worlds and four moons, enjoyed a majority influence within the loose treaties, of the Calvaritis system. The two specie of the planet Kalliti-the Killitians and the Peklar, who came to be known as the world jumpers-were the first to forge an interplanetary alliance and give name to the Calvaritis star system. The technological merger of the planets Kalliti and Salka made it that there was no dispute over who made the alliances amongst the Calvaritis Star system possible.

Savoring every modicrum of his position, as High Chancellor, Othrox glared upon Rekuum, the secret leader of the Helstrum resistance, who sat upon the Calvaritis Council.

"What was I to be late for?", asked Telbur, mockingly at his wife, one eyebrow pushed to the heavens.

"These deliberations will help the crop plantings, on Holtha."

"But, if they don't stop the mining on Delbira, the crops of Holtha haven't a future regardless."

Though she knew the words of her husband were true, she could not help but...

                                                                      * * *

He's coming out of it...

The blast...

Telbur can you hear me.




                                                                        * * *



"Haaaaah!", came the panicky gasp for air.

Deck plates.

The Bejiri chamber. Not dreamless, like cryo containment.

Remembering the excruciating pangs of the reentry incident, Telbur quickly came back to his senses.


"The healing process has been completed."

She's in good spirits, given our situation. "Have you navigated an escape vector?"

"We are no longer contained, within the temporal stream."


That's impossible. I thought we were done for sure.

"What happened?"

"While you were in the Bejiri chamber, a feminine, future-extrapolated doppelganger of yourself boarded our vessel and initiated an exit vector, and told me to tell yourself good luck."

To be continued...


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    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Oh my!! How dare you leave me on the edge of my seat like this!! Very very well done!!! More, more!