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Cult in the Woods Chapter 1

Updated on August 22, 2014

Chapter 1

“Sisters with Secrets”

My sister Jenna and I were on our way to the Whitesnake River campsite. It was about 150 kilometers away from where we lived. The area was beautiful with some rushing rivers, clear deep lakes, and warm sandy beaches with a marvelous fresh scent of jack pine trees. That was just the beginning of our great getaway in the Whitesnake Provincial Park. There was also a meteorite lake that was extremely deep for swimmers and scuba divers; not to mention the vast amount of wildlife. You could get there by trail, road, or by water. It had over 100 lakes, in which you could throw in a hook and test your skills with bass, northern pike, walleye, lake and rainbow trout. I loved the area and I absolutely loved camping and fishing, well we both did, but this time going there I wasn’t really excited, but just rather relieved to get away.

Jenna was driving her loud, army green, 1972’s Ford Mustang that was in dire need of a new muffler. She was driving pretty fast but this time I didn’t care or make a big deal about it like I usually did. She was pretty quiet and so was I. I tried to read the cheap crime novel that I picked up at the gas station but I just couldn’t get into it so decided just to stare at the fall colors in the trees zipping by with their array of the autumn tones.

We were trying to escape our troubles and we knew that camping would beat any therapy session that money or time could buy. My problems were heavily weighing me down and I’m sure she that Jenna had felt the same way. I couldn’t really explain it, but it felt like my spirit was about to break, not to mention that I seemed to have problems breathing or rather gasping a deep breath. Jenna’s problems were worse than mine, much worse than mine. She had just been recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Not to mention she was trying to get away from all the problems that she went through with Reggie and the church.

It was September of the previous year when a new member had joined our small church. His name was Reggie, or so he told us. He had two small boys probably around the ages of 4 and 7. Reggie came to church every Sunday with his two small children. He had said that he was a widower. He was a real nice guy and was handy at fixing cars. We used to pick him up on Sundays along with a few other members we stopped to pick up. We had purchased a van specifically to help the church. One time our van had broken down so other arrangements were to be made. When Reggie heard of this, he offered to come over and fix our van. We made arrangements for having him over for supper and I would watch his children while they worked on the van.

While I was with the kids the smallest boy Darren started crying and says, "I miss mommy". This just broke my heart, I tried to comfort him but he just kept crying. He said, "I want to go see mommy but mommy is gone and she is died". The older boy said, “No mommy is not dead, stop saying that”. I was confused but I just thought they are grieving and young. He is probably confused or in denial. I thought I should let their dad know.

When the van was fixed Terry and Reggie came in. I served coffee and cookies, while my two boys and the children played together in the other room. I told Reggie about the whole incident and he said, "Yeah, they are still having a hard time with everything". I wanted to ask more about the details or when it happened and what but he just changed the subject. I just took this as he probably was in a lot of emotional pain himself.

Days and months went by and we were all getting to know each other. I found out that my cousin Bernice lived in the same building that Reggie lived in. She told me that Reggie drinks and smokes, and that she visits with him. Well, no one smoked and drank in our church as far as I knew, well except Jenna secretly, so it was a pretty juicy piece of gossip that I was keeping to myself. She also said that Reggie's mother visits and brings groceries and money every month or so. She said the mother had an American license plate.

This was all very interesting to me since I was a very curious person. One time I had asked Reggie if he got his family allowance check and he answered that he didn't ever get one. Everyone with children recieved one monthly I thought to myself. Why didn't he get one? I was excited because it came early in the month of December and was curious if everyone got it. I went on and on and told him that he must call and fill out the necessary forms to receive this. It seemed like he agreed. This was another thing I kept in the detective file in my brain. Another time I asked him how old he was because we were talking about music or something and he answered twenty three. For sure he did not look twenty three, he screwed up big time. He was all flustered and then changed the subject. He looked like he was at least in his early 30's.

I was getting so suspicious of everything that I told my husband Terry all that I thought. He just thought I was crazy and had a great imagination. After all I had read many detective stories when I was younger. Because I didn't get the response I wanted from Terry I called my sister Jenna. We often participated in ungodly gossip sessions and talked about everything under the sun mostly about the people in church. She seemed surprised of all the things I was saying about Reggie. I said maybe he killed his wife. We talked some more and she seemed somewhat stressed and she also changed the subject.

A few weeks later I was calling Jenna and her phone was busy I then called Reggie and his phone was busy. I was organizing some church thing and I thought for sure they are talking to each other. I called and called for hours and both of their phones continued to be busy. When I had finally got through to Jenna and I just asked her straight out if she was on the phone with

Reggie. She answered yes and told me that they were secretly seeing each other. I was shocked but a little happy that I found this information out. After all, my sister was a single mother with 2 kids and Reggie was single. Two lonely people getting together. I was sort of happy for them; we all knew the church would disagree so it was all kept hush, hush. Jenna then had assured me that Reggie's wife had died and that I indeed had a great imagination. She also said that Reggie said I was nosey. In the following months we had convinced Reggie to get a driver's license. He applied and then bought a car. I supposed his mother paid for it because he didn't work. He was now driving and visiting Jenna more often. As time went on he also registered his oldest son for school and shortly, after everything came to a shocking end for everyone that knew Reggie.

Our cousin Bernice called me crying and panicked. She said, "The police are here surrounded our building with bullet proof vests on and their guns are drawn". They took Reggie in hand cuffs and there were TV cameras to follow. She was so upset and crying because she had also liked Reggie. She asked me to call our pastor and to let him know. I immediately called pastor Murray and he assured me he would try to find out what was going on. I believe it was that day or the next that we found out the whole story. It turns out that Reggie had kidnapped his children from some state in America. Apparently, his wife was a bad mother and hanging out with dangerous bikers and he had felt that his children were in danger. Reggie was quite well off with many antique cars and land. His mother had helped him with the whole thing.

We found out that he was on the show America's Most Wanted but no one in the church owned a television or “devilvision” as they liked to call it. Jenna had known the truth for awhile and was even going to States with him on trips down back roads avoiding the border. I guess she couldn't tell me the whole truth at the time because it was too risky. She couldn’t speak about it on the phone or anything. I was a little hurt because I had thought we were much closer. Jenna said that when I was asking Reggie questions that he was getting really nervous and that I was the only one who was suspicious. Now Reggie or William is what his real name was, well he in the states and probably in jail. She never heard from him since.

We were driving along and even though we were silent, I was sure that we were both thinking the same thing, and that was we didn’t care if we lived or died. It just started to rain and then it turned into heavy hailing. It was just pounding down and the visibility was poor, but Jenna didn’t slow down. I thought about the affair I had with Crispin the building contractor of our house that my husband Terry and I were building. I was so overridden with guilt that my stomach hurt along with all the other ailments that stress brings on in the human body. The only other person who knew about the affair was Jenna, and she had kept it a secret. I know she didn’t approve of it, but now my husband Terry had known because I told him.


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