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Curbing Failure.

Updated on February 27, 2010

Life once concrete,
No longer what it’s
cracked up to be,
requires planting
hopeful seeds.

Re-emerge from
the rubble of paths
once walked,
now split asunder.

Shoot upward
reach for higher levels,
take root in despair,
becoming regrowth.

When you‘re down
and broken,
there’s no place
to go but up.



Thursday Thirsting...8:00 A.M.

Black coffee
blue morning
only an arm chair
to hold me.

Sugar's gone

on a 747
while loneliness
drills a root canal
in my heart.

The cream of my dreams
lies spoiled
in rumpled sheets,
where she used to lay.

Left unmade,

it sculpts
a sanctuary for
her scent
slowly fading.

Black coffee, solitude
and mourning blues,
my breakfast of pain.



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