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Cure Procrastination

Updated on February 11, 2009

The Trouble with Procrastination

As a freelance writer I am well aware of the dangers that lay in wait with procrastination. I could name hundreds of occasions where deadlines have been stretched or missed, my work has been sloppy or my plans have gone to pot because i found myself watching a film, twiddling my thumbs or doing something completely useless to take my mind off work.

The truth of the matter is that procrastination can destroy a freelance writers career. Unless you solve the unending problem of procrastination you will find your work and your reputation dropping like the proverbial brick.

Humans are natural procrastinators. No matter how much we like to think of ourselves as hard working and successful there is always that small nagging feeling that you would prefer to be stumbling or surfing youtube. This temptation is particularly strong to freelance writers who most often work alone and on the internet!

Solve Procrastination

Twiddling Thumbs
Twiddling Thumbs

Beating Procrastination and Improving your Work

The trick to solving procratination is to give yourself goals and punishments if they are not met.

Make sure your goals are realistic and not too demanding, they should form the base of your working day.  by doing this you do not stress yourself, you feel like you are keeping up with your work and you gain the enthusiasm to do more with your time!

The punishments for your goals are important.  They do not need to be particularly strict, but they must have a clear negative effect to ensure that you take your boundaries and your goals seriously. 

Your punishment for missing goals and deadlines can be anything you think will put you off procrastination, be it 10 minutes staring at the wall or staying in when you want to go to the pub. As long as the punishement gives a clear negative effect it will help you to beat procrastination. 

By doing this you can easily form a regular pattern and establish a working routine.  By doing this you can eventually dispose of the punishment system and you will find yourself continuing your work without a tendancy to procratinate!

This amazing anti-procrastination tip is a great way to improve your freelance writing technique and in doing so increase your profit!

Remember it is all too easy to get distracted by funny little clips that last 5 minutes, or reading a page of jokes that takes 2.  But it doesn't take long for 5 minutes here and there to turn into 3 or 4 hours! 

By learning to avoid procrastination and by teaching yourself to work regularly you will improve your working habits, but it is important to stick to your timetables and punishments to ensure that you beat procrastination and increase your earnings. 

As well as using this great procrastinating reduction technique you can also check out these fantastic webmaster tools to help promote your website! 


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    • profile image

      UrsulaRose 7 years ago

      No more procrastination thanks to thisisoli!

    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Haha yeah, procrastination is the worst affliction for every writer, hubber or not!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      So true! Thanks for sharing the cure, i'll pass it around as it seems to be the most common affliction of all hubbers! :D