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Diabetes type 2!

Updated on November 11, 2015

Life changing.

diabetes,it's a bit of a curse

can't eat sweets,only make it worse.

can't eat certain fruit,annoys me more

i loved eating fruit,missing certain ones i adore

constantly focused on sugar and fat

no room for menouver,that is that

loved blueberries,can't have no more

too much sugar,definite no score.

im a bit sick of it,if I'm honest and true

makes you depressed,really a bit blue.

can't have this,must avoid that

watch sugar intake,no salt on that.

i eat a lot more healthy than I did before

my diet might seem a bit of a bore.

eat loads of fish,pasta and rice

when you get used to it,it's really quite nice.

get blood tests every week

doctors checking,what do they seek

to catch me out,have I had some cakes

only ones I make now,are diabetic cakes

my own chocolate cakes,lemon drizzle as well

there definitely diabetic,this you can tell.

not too sweet,sugar substitute inside

calories gone, the rules I will abide.

for my own health benefit,live longer as well

whether I a fly chocolate bar,only time will tell.

Finding out.

When I got diagnosed it was a bit of a panic.doctors called me at the weekend and gave me a bit of a scare.he said you need to attend the surgery IMMEDIATELY ,it's imperative you get started on a course of was a scary time,now I'm on a course of drugs it's not so on a level playing field now,I look back at the phone call and realised the Doctor was in a bigger panic than I was.especially calling someone at the weekend.even though I couldn't see a GP till the Monday.

Inside out.

Interesting Facts.

India has more people with Type 2 Diabetes than anywhere else in the world.

the third smallest country after the Vatican called Nauru has the highest percentage population with type 2 Diabetes in the world.

the earliest reference to type 2 Diabetes was in 1500 in the Egyptian Elbers Papyrus referring to symptoms of frequent urination.

the symptoms of diabetes were ongoing for 1200 years before it officially got a name.

Number -2

Lesser of two evils.

Ive been lucky so to speak with getting type two good friend was diagnosed with type one diabetes many years ago,he needs injections three times per day.totally overhauled his way of living from diet to fitness.there wasn't an area of his life he didn't have to adjust to a certain extent.its critical he stays away from high sugar content ,if he slips and has a sweet cake or chocolate,he could literally die because of it,it's that serious.he could go in to a diabetic coma.Scares me to think about it.

Smart guy.

  1. The Greek physician Aretaeus was credited with coming up with the name "diabetes" in the first century A.D. and thought a snake bite caused diabetes.

    Dr. Thomas Willis (1621-1675) called diabetes the "pissing evil" and described the urine of people with type 2 diabetes as "wonderfully sweet, as if it was imbued with honey or sugar." He was also the first to describe pain and stinging from nerve damage due to diabetes.


  1. In ancient times, doctors would test for diabetes by tasting urine to see if it was sweet. People who tasted urine to check for diabetes were called "water tasters." Other diagnostic measures included checking to see if urine attracted ants or flies.

    Diabetes is a Greek word meaning "to pass through." It was observed that urine quickly passed through patients with diabetes. The word mellitus is from Latin and means "sweet like honey."

    In the late 19th century,a French physician named Priorry advised his patients with diabetes to eat large quantities of sugar.That method of treatment did not last.

Game changer.

Not all doom and gloom.

after being diagnosed i attended my newest checkup.ipi spoke to a nurse and a diabetic nutritional specialist.she informed me ,rather surprisingly that my condition was totally reversible.i was amazed,I thought it meant one you got diagnosed,it meant a life sentence.ive altered my whole way of life,so hopefully in a year or two I can get to the stage where I can be diagnosed diabetic free.that would be a good day.


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