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Dark Cosmic Plane

Updated on March 29, 2019
Diane Denison profile image

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~

Mysteries Of The Cosmic Plane

Voodoo, Witches, High Priest

Black Magic, Dark Magic,

Witch Craft

People Dancing Under

The Full Moon

They Dance Around A Fire

After Midnight On A Breezy

Fogy Evening

Warlocks, Witches, High Priest

Chanting Spells That The High

Priest Instructed Claiming Its

The Magical Chant That Will

Summon Demons From

The Depth Of The Dark

Spiritual Cosmic Plane

The Thought Of Ghostly

Demons, Lucifer And

Satan's Sub Plane Dimensions

The Dark Prince

Fills Them With Excitement

And Anticipation That

Everything And Every Calling

In Life Of There Wants

And Needs Will

Be Fulfilled.

High Priest Claims They Are

Of The Highest Order

Under Satan

And That Satan Himself

Gave To Them Personal

Instructions To All Black

Magical Spells, Hex's

And Evil Eye Curses

And If They Join The

Lucifer Rebellion They

Will Receive Magical Powers

To Cast Spells On Others

And Summon The Demons

That Will Work Personally

For Them

A Demonic Staff

Of There Own

In The Demonic Ritual

Dance And Chants

The Moon Beams

Glitters On Tree Limbs

Causing Shadows To

Skip Across The Grass

The High Priest Convinces

Them That The Moving Shadows

And The Howling Wind That

They Are Seeing Is Spirits They

Have Summoned

They Believe Him Because

They Seen Many Haunting

And Horror Movies Showing

Shadows Skipping Across

The Grass In The Dark

Of Evening

I Suppose That Some

High Priest Have The Intense

Wisdom And Knowledge

Of These Deeper Things

And Most Likely Have Coffee

With Satan

And Is Part Of Lucifer's

Sub Plane Corporation

And Perhaps Similar To

The Christian Structure

In Which Some High Priest

Of Witches And

Warlock Covenants

Will Mislead And Not Guide

With The Proper Teachings

Causing The Demons That

They Summon To Get Out

Of Hand And Rebel Causing

Much Chaos.

There Are Many Mysteries

Of The Cosmic Plane

That Men Are Not Told

Confusion Of Good And Bad

Right And Wrong

Choices Only They Have Made

The Boogie Man Didn't

Twist Their Arm

They Created There Own Desires

From There Burning Needs To

Have Power

Walking In A Dark Maze

Were They Fill Empowered

Making Their Own Rules

They Sincerely Believe

The Holy Host And

Holy Ghost Has No Power

Not Knowing The Demons

Fear The Holy Ghost

They Can't Comprehend

They May Be Entertaining

Holy Angels

The Eyes Of The Holy Universe

Is Always Watching All

All Night Vigilance Of Holy Chants And Prayers

As Black Magic Ritual Are Being Performed

Across This World Monks And Priest

In Monasteries, Temples And Churches

Are Having All Night Vigilance Filled

With Holy Sacred Chants And Prayers

Holy Chants And Prayers

To Christ Whom Is Ruler Of The Universe

Whom Is King Of The Universe

Holy Incense And Candles Lights

Fills These Monasteries

Holy Ritual Of Prayers And Chants Too

Archangel Michael

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Raphael

To Protect The World

From Evil

To Heal All Human Beings

Broken Spirits

Holy Chants To End

All Wars, Hate, Division,

Starvation, Poverty

In This World

The Candles Seems To Have

A Holy Illumination

Holy Angels Are Seen

Standing Next To Men That

Are In Holy Prayers

Honoring God The Father

Whom Created All

And Christ The Son Of God

In Every Breath Of There Prayer

Floating With Each Word Spoken

The Holy Trinity Of Purity

Fills The Rooms

A Sweet Holy Fragrance

Fills The Air

On A Peninsula In Greece

Mount Athos Which Is Known

World Wide As The,


There Is Holy Prayers

Holy Chants

Non Stop Holy Rituals

24 Hours A Day


Holy Prayers

Vibrations Ride The Wings

Of The Holy Angels

Across The Mountains

Across The Ocean Waves

Throughout The World

God, Christ, And The

Holy Ghost Dances

With Joy On Mount Athos

24 Hours A Day


2 girls plotted to stab classmates to death and drink their blood, cops say

BARTOW, Fla. -- Two middle-school girls -- ages 11 and 12 -- brought knives to their Florida school in a foiled plot to kill classmates, cut them up and drink their blood before killing themselves, police officials said Wednesday. "They told us they were Satan worshipers," Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall said, CBS affiliate WKMG reported.

The girls planned to stake out a bathroom at Bartow Middle School and wait for smaller students to enter, according to a police affidavit. They planned to cut their victims' throats, cut up their bodies and eat the flesh, authorities said. The students then planned to fatally stab themselves.

"The plan was to kill at least 1 student but were hoping to kill anywhere from 15-25 students," the affidavit said. "Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide ... (they) would go to hell so they could be with satan."

Detectives said the girls devised the plot while watching "scary" movies at one of their houses over the weekend. Detectives said the girls posted information about the planned attack on social media. Messages on their cellphones also stated they wanted to leave body parts at the school's entrance, WKMB reported.

The alleged plot was foiled when administrators searched for them after they didn't show up for class Tuesday. The administrators found them in a bathroom stall and brought them back to their offices where they found the girls in possession of four knives, a pizza cutter and a knife sharpener, police said.

After their arrest, the girls were sent to a juvenile detention facility.

"School staff quickly responded to a report of suspicious behavior; the students were taken into custody, and no one was harmed," school officials said in a tweet.

The girls face charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and possession of a weapon at school, among other charges. It will be up to prosecutors to decide whether the girls will be charged formally as juveniles or adults, Deputy Police Chief Bryan Dorman said in an email.

Officials with Polk County Schools said that extra police officers and guidance counselors would be at the school this week.


Times Are Escalating Into

A New Type Of Occult

It Now Becoming Voodoo

Witches, High Priest And

The Prince Of Darkness

Now Shares His Wings

With Blood Sucking

Vampire Bats

Will The Next New

Occult Be?









There Wings Of Golden

Representing The Fire

Of God





Witch Craft, Spells, Black Magic

Voodoo Dancers

High Priest And Demons

Or Satan Whom Dances

In The Fire Of Hell.

Our Children Are Being Exposed

To These Types Of Movies.

These Two Young Girls Age

Eleven And Twelve Years Old

Who Planned To Kill Class Mates

Than Kill Themselves To Be

With Satan

Is Alarming And Should

Be A Wake Up Call For

Parents Across The World

Our Children Are Being Dramatically

Influenced And Twisted In Confusion

Which It Proves Media

Is Having A Significant

Negative Influence

On Our Children.

Eleven Years Old And A Twelve

Years Of Age Are Considered Children.

The Media Is Non Stop Saturated

With Vampire, Occult,

Murder And Horror Movies

It Is Like Snake Venom

Poisoning Our Children's Mind,

In Which Media Is Alike A Vampire

Sucking Out The Purity Of Innocence

Evil Movies Has Saturated

America's Movie Channels, Amazon, Netflix,

Vudu, Cable And Cinemas Movie Theaters

Yet We Cry Out, "This Is Wicked Times

And Satan's To Blame.

While No One Holds Media


Perhaps We Are Just

Hollywood Worshipers

And Share The Blame

In Stealing Our Youths

Innocence Of The Soul



In 1950 Families

Across America Seemed

Focused On God, Church And

The Strong Unity Of Families.

In Which People Craved Holiness.

It Seemed Like In A New York Minuet

Those Wholesome Days Vanished

The Media Mystically Took Control

And Power In Which God And Family

Wholesome TV Programming Has


And It's Time To Make A


Stamp Out Evil Influences

In Our Daily Lives

And It's Time To Bring

God And Holiness Back Into

Our Lives

It's Time For Changes


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