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Darkilocks; the Dark Version of Goldilocks

Updated on August 31, 2017
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A future journalist/author. ---------------------------------------------------



DISCLAIMER- I do NOT own the tale GOLDILOCKS nor the actual characters. Everything belongs to Robert Southey.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with gorgeous hay-colored tresses who stumbled across a mysterious house during her casual stroll in the woods. To sastify her wonderlust for the random monument, she barged in the home and benefited herself by using the resources of the residents, who were intimidating bears. Only she was caught, but fortunately for Goldilocks, she was simply a naively curious child, so there was no reason for the bears to punish her.

But Tetra Gardener wasn't a child. Therefore, she must be punished...

Prologue- Murder

Because of her childish features, strangers mistaken Tetra as a legitimate version of Robert Southey's character Goldilocks- if it wasn't for her lengthy, raven-colored hair that cascaded her shoulders and her tanned skin. Instead of being a naive little child, she was a mature seventeen year old girl that kept her hands shoved in her pockets and her face cast down as she strolled the sidewalks on the street. Her bland brown eyes concentrated on the lines and cracks in the slabs of concrete as she managed to avoid anyone else.

When she found a store with a sign that read 'Pets Emporium!', Tetra halted her walking to open the entrance door, and as she did, she heard the familiar wind chime of every store door in the city. Immediately, the god-awful scent of puppy poop and cat vomit tainted her noise as she rested her eyes on the store's owner, whom was casually reading an explicit magazine with a scantily clad woman on the front. The cries of animals that needed to be tended disturbed her as she pitifully stared at them.

Tetra huffed in disgust as she cautiously approached the oblivious man, and cleared her throat to notify him to stop being lazy.

"May I help you, ma'am?" His annoying Brooklyn accent probed her as he skeptically eyed her. Either middle-aged women or college hipsters visited his store, and to see a meager-looking teenager donning unappealing clothing (a baggy sweater and a pair of black legging and raggedy combat boots), threw him off.

"Uhhh, yeah...what's your best cat food?" She muttered hesitantly as she determinedly prodded in to the half-Italian man eyes.

Believing that she was probably harmless due to her simple request, the owner smiled kindly at her and stated, "Depends on what type of cat you own, of course!" He crouched beneath his counter to whip out a store pamphlet, "Which breed do you own?"

Tetra, who was quite ignorant about cats in general, thought of a random breed that she was already aware of.

"Siamese." She lied without reluctance as she watched the man flip through the pamphlet that showed pet food for certain cats. As she grew hot and impatient, a sweat rippled from her forehead...

When the man discovered a brand that was perfect for a Siamese cat in the pamphlet, he beamed- mainly at the idea of gaining more money, and said, "The perfect brand to buy for a-"

He was interrupted by the sight of a bullet hole in his eyes.

"Don't move, don't speak and put your hands up!" Tetra instructed him firmly and courageously as she pushed her silencer further in to his face, "Or else I will shoot you."

The man trembled violently as she kept the gun in his face, and simanteonously, she reached in to her bra and pulled out a cell phone.

"Yes, you may bring the recruits in now."

Suddenly, a hoard of individuals clad in black marched in to the pet store and yielded their own cages as they began uncapping the restraints of the animals and ushering in them. Some collected a few bags of pet food from the shelves, just enough to tend the animals until they're sold.

"Open your cash register up and put the money in that bag!" Tetra demanded courageously as she gestured towards that plastic bag rack. The man stared blankly at her for a second, before proceeding her instructions as his hands trembled. Tetra made sure her eyes remained on the store owner as her counterparts did whatever they needed. Though, she confessed, her attention-span was short, and when someone was accidentally bitten by a turtle on to their wrist and yelped in surprise, her eyes averted from the man and on to them.

Realizing that she wasn't staring at him anymore, the man took the opportunity to rush in to his storage room and run out of the store to call for help.

Tetra realized her mistake and instinctively hopped over the counter with her gun attached to her hand. She nearly charged towards the frantically running man and in to the dimly lit storage room of stacked cardboard boxes, but almost fell in to a puddle of puppy pee when she encountered a can of cat nip on the stone floor.

"Crap." She muttered as her hand plummeted in the pee, but was slightly relieved that it wasn't her face drenched in it.

Unbeknownst to her, the man crept up to her with a blunt object gripped in his right hand, ready to strike her.

Before he can hit her, Tetra saw his reflection in the puddle, and quickly whipped her body around and aimed at his head...then she fired at him.

As blood splattered against her face, the man fell to his knees first until his whole body landed on the floor, exactly five inches away from Tetra.

She prodded her boots with his head, which was half-blown in with brain-matter oozing from the gun wound, and blood pouring through it, encountering the flood of puppy urine. A swell of pride arose in her as she validated the animal abuser was dead, and further harm was deceased. That pretty much was her duty during the mission; spy on him, then to murder him.

She snapped out of her haze when she heard, "Tetra, get out of there now!".
Hearing a familiar voice, Tetra brushed herself from the ground and ran out of there with her counterparts without glancing back...

...The static sound of the TV behind the counter was heard as the image of a news anchormen flashed on screen.

"Breaking news! The Darkilocks Thief has appeared again in our city from the shadows..."

© 2017 Jada Alicia Costello


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