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DC Black Label: New Comics for Mature Readers

Updated on February 21, 2019
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Bachelor of Audiovisual Production and Direction. Avid comic book reader. Proud nerd.


The Batman Mature Readers Were Waiting For

Batman: Damned marks the beginning of DC Black Label, an imprint targeted to mature readers. This initiative promises daring, provocative, no limits stories featuring fan-favorite characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Joker, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel) and Lee Bermejo (Batman: Noel, Joker, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel) team up once more to delight DC's mature readers with a horror-loaded mystery that could only take place in Gotham. This lost city is home to a dark hero, a hero cursed to fight an endless battle for justice in the city he loves, a town so corrupted, so sunk in crime and violence that needs a savior willing to defend it night after night, with no dawn at sight.

Knowing Gotham's propensity to insanity, it makes sense for comics taking place in it to be more than a hero punching bad guys in the face. Gotham is sick, readers know it, Azzarello and Bermejo realize it too. Hence, they deliver a mystery, a murder, a dark story that holds nothing back. Batman: Damned is raw, dirty and painful, in the best of ways. Brian Azzarello invites us to know a scarier Gotham, one more dangerous than ever. And Lee Bermejo, with his outstanding art, takes us on a magical yet realistic journey, page after page. His art is so amazing it makes you feel you are inside those pages, it makes you a witness, a first-row guest in one of the most ground-breaking Batman stories from the last years.

Preview of " Batman: Damned" seen in the pages of Justice League #6
Preview of " Batman: Damned" seen in the pages of Justice League #6 | Source

The Joker is dead, and Batman, the world's greatest detective, is his own main suspect. The series' first issue has proved that anything can happen under DC's new imprint, and we can't wait to see what's next!

Batman: Damned is a bi-monthly 3-issue miniseries starting September 19. Issue #2 is out December 5, and part 3 is out May 22.

Upcoming Titles from DC Black Label

DC Black Label has already announced its first wave of graphic novels. Besides the already discussed Batman: Damned, these are the series next to premiere:

Superman: Year One, by Frank Miller (Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns) and John Romita Jr. (The Amazing Spiderman, Kick-Ass)

Batman: Last Knight on Earth, by the all-star team behind Dark Nights Metal and Batman (New 52), Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, by Kelly Sue Deconick (Bitch Planet, Captain Marvel) and Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis).

Wonder Woman: Diana's Daugther by Greg Rucka (Wonder Woman, Batwoman)

The Other History of the DC Universe, by John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, The American Way)

A Sneak Peek

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