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Updated on April 17, 2013

through the aimless crowd

you float,


elegant fingers curled lightly

'round a frosted blue glass

your eyes flash

promise and warning

silk whispers round


and magic valleys

to anxious suitors

about to learn

the first principle

in the Art of



© clark cook

09 April 2013


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    • sujaya venkatesh profile image

      sujaya venkatesh 2 years ago

      age cannot wither ofcourse

    • profile image

      Constant Ozurumba 3 years ago

      really "the art of marketing" thumbs up sir

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      Just wanted to say thank you for the Cleopatra story. I had not known she said that about Antony's wife. But it makes perfect sense. Furthermore, Cleopatra was right.

    • moonfroth profile image

      Clark Cook 4 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

      Savvy--thanks for a very interesting perspective. Your sense of the little things women do reminded me of Cleopatra's observation (upon getting a description of Antony's wife back in Rome)--"I understand she hath no grace of movement. I have nothing to fear from a woman who hath no grace of movement."

    • moonfroth profile image

      Clark Cook 4 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

      Lily -- beauty is apprehended with our whole being, not merely seen with our eyes. And getting older has dick-all to do with it. My grandmother died at 96, still withe the most beautiful smile and sparkling eyes I've EVER seen. Shakespeare--"Age cannot wither her, nor Custom stale her infinite Variety". And note further that the female persona in "Defining Ardor" is NOT a full woman at all; rather, she's presented in disembodied parts--a graceful walk, her fingers, her smile, and a vague suggestion of sexual parts. It's because of all the bits, and bits only, that marketing is necessary. Having now read a gazzillion of your poems, I can absolutely inform you that you're a beautiful woman. So stop this nonsense. I'm really happy that you liked the little poem.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      I love it!! Indeed, we do have to market ourselves. I always say, attracting men is all about doing the things you do everyday, such as walking , standing, sitting, adjusting the strap on your high heels, even smoothing your skirt... and it is how we do these things that matter. Do them well and you've got his undivided attention.

      Thank you for this sophisticated and beautifully sensual prose. I hope more people "get this," so that they can begin to enjoy the art of flirtation - the subtle kind that keeps us wanting more.

    • moonfroth profile image

      Clark Cook 4 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

      cynth -- great to see you here! Very glad you enjoyed it.

      Jim--for a nominal consideration, I could arrange a meeting. Wha do you call that again? Thanks.

      Audrey--a bit of whimsey now and again, eh? Glad you enjoyed the ending!

      Valley--not my usual stuff, so I'm pleased it pleased you.

    • lilyfly profile image

      Lillian K. Staats 4 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

      Well, and the truthfulness is stark, because if you're a fatty or uggo, you don't get married, get a good job, and as women's beauty fades, they are marginalized to death. Literally, we have nothing to sell the world.

      I'm taking this one internally, loved it, loved it, loved it!

      (I'm shining myself up for a powerful new change, Mister!) Haha! Love your offerings, as always... the brevity punched up the dreamy words into the stratosphere.. Love yaz, Moon

    • profile image

      Valleypoet 4 years ago

      So very well defined.....suiter's be warned!!....liked this:-))

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 4 years ago from California

      I loved where this went-- took me by surprise! And I love when that happens!

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      You can almost see this vision with the "frosted blue glass eyes flashing promise and warning..." I already want to know her! Good one Clark!

    • cynthtggt profile image

      cynthtggt 4 years ago from New York, NY

      Oh, the things we do, and all we hide! Wonderful!