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short Story: Daddy's Love ! Part (8)

Updated on March 7, 2012

Here comes that Light!

The pastor said to them, I have never seen this before but, this have to be done, it “Can only be God’s work!” I felt something very spiritual have happened here, but as of now I don’t know exactly what it signifies but leave her, the spirit of God must do it's work, everything feels right, and I will keep asking God in prayer, as he said in prayer the brightest light on can ever see, radiated the entire room, and that's all everyone knew.and with that it was gone.

But something miraculous has happened. While the light was streaming from inside the room, it came through the bottom of the door, the agents that were close together they tried to open the door.

Two of the guards were at the front trying to open the door, but the handle was like lava from a volcano. As the light went, those on the inside heard knocking on the door, it came open again, and immediately three agents walked in and said: Sir is everything alright sir ?

Yes all is well, go out side, and I will call you shortly. Let no one in this room, that’s and order. Understood? All three said yes sir , then left.

In the same tone the FBI head man said pastor, what’s happening here? I cannot see! The pastor then said : I believe this to be temporary, I too am not able to see and I believe it to be the light . The pastor them said to the Jefferson’s are you all alright?

They all said together we are fine including the Mother who was the sickest . But I am blind, all three said again together . Now it was becoming quite confusing in the room, because everyone was blind and everyone was feeling real well, they were all up beat, they did not seem to mind the blindness at all.

The FBI head man, he was really confused, wondering out loud. What do I tell my colleagues?What does he tell his superiors or anyone for that matter?

The Pastor then said: To those that you must tell your truth, tell them! And to those that you command, tell them what you must, just like nothing happened, because you are well, body, mind and spirit.

Then he said in a very concerned tone. This is also your greatest chance to accept and believe God, this is his works and you have just experienced . He is willing to do greater things in and with your life, if only you believe and let him in. Then with that the pastor said, that he needed to say a prayer.

He said Most High God, we have seen your works, we have felt you power, we now humbly ask that you bless us with your spirit so he can guide us. He said Most High Father I ask you now the bless this special man who I believe, have felt your power, give him the wisdom to do this part of his work most efficiently, give him the understanding, so he too can also follow in your way , we ask this all in your mighty name! They all said: Amen.

The FBI head man then said: I will ask my men to fetch some dark glasses for everyone; I will order some men to stay with you all. Mrs. Jefferson said no, we need to go home!

He said madam you already know there is a carnival of reporters outside, you may even have to stay in a private hotel or so, for some time. Plus the Doctor has not finished with you all as yet.

We may even have to order the very best doctors in theUSAfor us all, . Remember we are all blind now ! This voice immediately came up and said: No, we are not I can see!

Everyone looked in her direction, but of course they saw nothing. She said Daddy and Mommy can't you see me ? They both said no! There she again said it's the light! The FBI head man told here to say no more, just try to remember the light , that why we came.

Time to leave this room, I must call my superiors, it's only so much I can do while I cannot see. I know that your pastor will be able to explain to you what’s going on. I must leave now .

He called one agent into the room told him what was needed That agent left , he called another, and another came in the room. The head man told him, no one is permitted to leave this room and no one enters this room unless I say. No one, not even a doctor. He said: send me someone to escort me to my office. The agent said yes Sir, and went out.

Another came in the room, where the head man said to him ; do you have a pair of shades? Yes Sir, he replied. Then I need it, and let’s go to my office, he said pastor anything that anyone needs, tell any of the agents, make no calls until I am back, you will have a secure phone. I trust you pastor, this is very serious he said, then told the pastor to come closer,. He then whispered, to the pastor’s ears, this is unexplainable for now, but I expect the best from you. I shall be back.

To be cont………..Bless:

All rights reserved

Part (9)

“It’s of National Security”


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Most definitely and the very same to you . You stand so tall , and I know that you know this , but there is peace , easy to tell when there is !

      I say congratulations to you because , I so love when you you were temporarily out of ideas going forward and it was right there it came the angel , just that immediate gap, and wall will be fine, and it was m there, an alternate route.

      How much better can life get, you positioned yourself for this!

      Life is not an accident, and I know you have answers. People don't like you to have answers , even when they need it. I guess not from so close, as a friend.

      Bless brethren.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      "When you have found yourself your time becomes your closest partner"...that, my friend, is stunning in its simplicity and truth and I so understand it. I would not have had an inkling of what it meant six years ago but today I am at peace with that statement. Family is calling me but I wish you a peaceful night and we shall talk again soon.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      First thank you billy it's a great pleasure. I am actually grinning from ear to ear, and if you should ask me why?

      I am saying: By their fruits you shall know them!

      I am so overwhelmed after listening to your interviews and reading a little more, knowing that you see what I see and possibly more , because you went deeper, physically.

      It's all in your hands, and that's not based on what you are trying to do, but on what you have done long before you Book.

      I am so sure it kills me and I can't stop smiling. I do one thing to it's absolute best and that to hear when I am listening.

      Doi this with me. Let's take any wise man from from any place you choose I say Papua New Guinea. If that man takes you around his country to show you everything that interest him for a few days , no speaking.

      I guarantee anyone, that what you will see, and what you will do, with what you have seen. When you then share it It could come from no one else but you.

      Still loving your, metamorphosis, and I am both proud and confident of this sixty something fledgling showing all the signs that I know comes with that rebirth.

      I saw it expressed, silently you were saying, now you run your own ship. You have seen the light, you have embraced the light and you became one with the light.

      I know what you can do with all eight parts of my story of this story so far , I will let the end come to me. My mind is positive, is the most positive part of my body.

      The potential that exists in everyone and everything exist est also, in the eyes of those who can see it, but those are usually too busy now, to prove anything that already been proven.

      When you have found yourself , your time becomes the closest partner!

      I know you have.

      Blessings brethren.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I have been following this story with each chapter; I will wait for the conclusion before giving you a wrap up of my impressions....see the light...embrace the light...become one with the light...more later my friend!

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Beautiful question , because If you remember the light in the car and two evil does came away dead ,now in the hospital they were all blind , the pastor said something, but the girl is not blind, but the plot thickens around the light.

      But give God the praise , he would always shine and his word will continue , until the day he arrives. As I remember that beautiful story you wrote about the woman burying her husbands.

      Stay well my dear lady , give thanks.

      Sincere thanks to you.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      They were all experiencing some sort of blinding light. Interesting so how do we resolve this.